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Full name

Zoey Colman


Zo (by everyone)
Z (by her friends)


User:DjCadence ThePenguin



Zoey is a 14-year-old girl who is fun and intelligent. She loves all her friends and family and cares about them! She is born on the 27th July, 2000.


She loves and i mean loves listening to music. She can sing and dance, she caresa lot about friends, she  doesn't want to have an enemy. She loves watching Violetta  and Dance Moms. She loves particapating in events and competions. Zoey thinks that Lodovica Comello and Tomas Goldschmidt are a great couple. She has a crush on Jorge Blanco and Diego Dominguez . She is a student. Her favorite subjects are History, English, Science and Art. She also loves drawing and writing songs about her crush and best friends.


  • Her favorite female characters from Violetta are Violetta Castillo and Francesca Caviglia.
  • Her favorite male characters from Violetta are León and Diego.
  • Her Argentinean idols are Martina Stoessel and Mercedes Lambre.
  • Her English idols are Dove Cameron and Laura Marano .
  • Her Italian idols are Lodovica Comello and Ruggero Pasquarelli.
  • She loves listening to music.
  • Her favorite Violetta song is Junto A Ti  .
  • Her favorite colors are Red, Yellow, Purple and Aqua.
  • She loves watching Violetta , Dance Moms and Austin and Ally.
  • She loves Indian, Italian and Chinese food.
  • She loves drawing,writing,singing,danceing and eating.
  • She has her own diary were she writes her personal things.
  • She loves Paris and Italy.
  • She ships LeonettaMarcescaFedemila, Auslly and Miggie.
  • The first friend she made on the wiki was Violetlover1234 .
  • Her favorite band is R5 and The Vamps
  • She can speak English, Italian, Spanish, Danish and French.
  • She is learning to speak Russian, Romanian and Polish.
  • She is a Tinista, Mechista, Jorgista, Comellista and Ruggista.

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