Whisper comes from the streets, He doesnt come from any family so he usually lays down infront of Studio 21 

Whisper the Cat


Beto Leon Oga Ludmila Elmo


Romallo Diego German Jade

Favourite food


Favourite Hobbie



Grey Blue eyes , Grey fur , Soft Skin , Crooked tail (because of Diego)


Being a cat



Where he lives (when he is not in the studio)

Lives outside just before you reach the studio in a comfy box

Favourite drink



Buenos aires

for students to comfort him. He is very grumpy but friendly and Beto would always let him in through the window in the Music classroom. The first time he did thats when Beto and Whisper became bestfriends 

Beto has always been nice to him and sometimes Whisper would put he's little claws on the guitar and strum it.

His Past Life.

Whisper did have a family but they would often neglet him so he decided to leave, Since then whisper was able to do what he wants to do.

Present Life.

Whisper usually sneaks into Leons house and Leon would let him sleep on his bed.

Leon even kept him inside he's backpack and took him into the Studio one time.

Whisper hates Diego because one time he stepped on his tail when he was sleeping and always hisses at him when he see's him

Whisper likes Ludmila because he thinks that she is lonely.

Whisper hates it when people wake him up from his naps and usually sleeps in Betos classroom when he is not around

He loves fish and since Oga is such a good cook he sits by the window by Violetta's Kitchen so Oga would give him fish.


  • He hates German and Romallo
  • He usually sleeps in Betos classroom
  • Leon loves him like he's own pet
  • Leon once put him in his backpack to bring him into the Studio
  • Romallo once stopped Oga from giving him fish
  • German Shoo's him away from the window sometimes
  • He really hates Diego
  • He really loves fish
  • He met Elmo when he snuck into Emilys House
  • Diego has stepped on his Tail
  • He really cant stand it when people wake him up
  • Beto is he's bestfriend
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