Violetta Fan-Made episode list

The following is a list of Fanon episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Violetta.

Series overview

Season Episodes First Episode Last Episode
1 TBA A New Girl, a Song TBA

Season 1

Episode No. Season Episode No. Series Episode Title Product Code
1 1 A New Girl, a Song 101
2 2 An Act of Love, a Song 102
3 3 A Return, a Song 103
4 4 A Cousin, A Song 104
5 5 A New Life, A Song 105-6
6 6 A Wish, a Song 107
7 7 She's Back, A Song 108
8 8 An Adoptive Sister, A Song 109-10
9 9 The Truth, A Song 111
10 10 A Mighty Med, A Song 112
11 11 A Step, A Song 113-14

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