Fanon characters shipped

Violet Letra and Rachel


Best friends


Vemily, Vthan

Made up by

Ally 2002 and DjCadence ThePenguin

Violet and Rachel are best friends along with Emily they like to do many do many things together they always hang at the Resto Band with Emily or at Violetta's house they also like to have sleepovers and play with Elmo

Vachel is a pairing made up by Ally2002 and DjCadence ThePenguin.



Other names

  • Vioel (Vio/et and Rach/el)
  • Raolet (Ra/chel and Vi/olet)


  • Rachel and Emily were the first people Violet told her secert which she is Violetta's cousin.
  • Violet helps Rachel with her singing.


  • Both do a sport (Violet -swimming Rachel -basketball)
  • Both are best friends with Emily.


  • Violet is good at school work Rachel is not.
  • Violet attends the Studio Rachel does not.

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