Full Name:

Antonio (Unknown lastname)


Tony (By everyone)

Tonio, Medeler (By Lara)



Resides in:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eye colour:


Hair colour:



Unknown Mother

Unknown father

Lara (Fraternal twin sister)


Violetta Castilo


Antonio 'Tony' is Lara's fraternal twin brother. He is alot like Andres as they are both very foolish and both overprotective of their sister. Lara tends to show much dislike to him by constantly tricking him into doing or believing anything she wants. He usually comes to Lara if he can't figure anything electrical out.


Tony is a lovable guy with a big heart. He often gets confused, especially between an electrician and a mechanic. It is shown by most of his actions that his sister Lara can take advantage of him but he never realises, mainly because he once told Leon that he was a wizard but in fact Lara just tricked him.





He says he loves Lara and always wants to help herbut he usuallty messes things up for her, causing her to call him medeler. Lara is also a few inches smaller than her brother and is the youngest of the two. She also calls him Tonio just to be annoying. He is also like a father figure to Lara because he protects her and wants her to be happy in life.


Violetta Castillo


Tony is always complementing Violetta and Making sure she's alright making Leon jeleous but she says their just friends and friends worry about each other.


Friends/ Enemies (Former)

At first Leon and Toy were enemies as they both like Violetta. When Tony found out that Lara broke up with Leon because he still liked Violetta he got mad and told him not to mess with Lara again or he's gonna have to deal with him.


  • He is Lara's twin brother
  • He has a crush on Violetta
  • He once thought he was a wizard
  • His favorite singers are Bruno Mars and Labrinth
  • Ludmila tried to use him but Leon stopped her.
  • He doesn't know the difference between a mechanic and an electrician
  • He thinks Ludmila is the worse singer in the studio and Naty is the best.
  • He is shown to be the good twin as Lara is easily able to take advantage of him showing that she is the bad one

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