The U-Mix Show
The U-Mix Show Logo
Genre Comedy
Presented by Daniel Martins (2012-13)

Roger González (2012) Ignacio Riva Palacio (2013-14)

Opening theme The U-Mix Show»
Country of origin Argentina
Language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 37
Ximena Desaloms
Producer(s) Barberan Gerardo Aquino
Location(s) Argentina
Cinematography María Luz Riegelhaupt
Running time 20 Minutes
Distributor Disney Channel
Original run May 19 of 2012 – Present
Related shows Violetta and Zapping Zone
The U-Mix Show is a television program while programming block on Disney Channel aired in Latin America from May 19 of 2012 which is devoted primarily to children and youth and contains monologues, interviews with guests and surprises that will appear throughout the show. It is dedicated to talk about what happened in Violetta  , juvenile series of Disney Channel .


The U-Mix Show is a weekly program in which the audience can enjoy a unique summary of what happened in the series of Disney Channel throughout the week, and a foretaste of things to come. The show was hosted by Roger Gonzalez in North Feed and Multicountry (first season), and Dani Martins Feed and the South Pacific (first and second season). In the program the driver takes his monologues, interviews the guest makes several sketches, among other proposals. In 2013, Roger Gonzalez was replaced by Ignacio Riva Palacio to drive in Northern Feed and Multicountry, and since 2014 leads program for all Latin America .


  • Daniel Martins - Feed South Pacific (Season 1-2)
  • Roger González - North and Multicountry Feed (Season 1)
  • Ignacio Riva Palacio - North and Multicountry Feed (Season 2 - present), Feed South Pacific(Season 3 - present)
  • Bruno Heder - Brazil (Season 1 - present)

Guest stars 

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[Expandir]Third Season

Segments having regular 

  • Introduction: The host makes a monologue related chapters of the week. From the second season also tells about what happened in the week in other series of Disney Channel .
  • Special features of foresight: The host tells a summary of the chapters of the week while displaying images and / or scenes.
  • The chair of the Stars: Cast members are interviewed and answer "really important questions." From the second season, the host challenges the respondent to conduct a series of tests.
  • Mix Hits: The host shows you the best musical moments of the week. From the second season, the host sample the best musical moments in other series of Disney Channel .
  • Mix The Scenes: The host shows special interests in the series "scenes that never aired." From the second season, the host shows special interests in other series of Disney Channel .
  • Mix Takes: The host looks "strange" things that happen on the show during the week. From the second season, the host also discusses the strange things that happen in other series of Disney Channel .
  • Short research: The host shows a glimpse of the following chapters.


Season Episodes Latin America Spain
Beginning Final Beginning Final
One 18 May 19 of 2012 October 28 of 2012 September 18 of 2012 May 18 of 2012
February 19 3 May of 2013 October 12 of 2013 September 23 of 2013 -
Three TBA May 5 of 2014 - - -

Premiere and schedules in Spanish

Feed and South Pacific
Country Channel Season Season Third Season Schedule Ref.
Argentina Disney Channel May 19, 2012 May 3, 2013 May 5, 2014 First season: 22:00 (Friday)

Second season: 19:00 (Friday) Third season: 18:30 (Monday)

Bolivia 24:20 (Saturday)

21:30 (Friday)

Chile 21:00 (Friday)

18:30 Sunday from season three 2015 second week

Feed and North Multicountry
Country Channel Season Season Third Season Schedule Ref.
Colombia Disney Channel May 19, 2012 May 4, 2013 May 5, 2013 18:30

17:30 (Monday third season)

Venezuela 19:00

Other releases 

Country Channel Release Date Final
Italy Disney Channel Italy May 19, 2012 -
Brazil Disney Channel Brazil September 12, 2012 -
Portugal Disney Channel Portugal September 16, 2013 -
Czech Republic Disney Channel Czech Republic November 16, 2013 -

Awards and nominations 

Year Prize Category Result
2013 Kids Choice Awards Mexico Favorite Program or Series Nominated


Violetta logo
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