“The Truth, A Song”
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Guide

“"An Adoptive Sister, A Song"”


A Mighty Med, A Song

The Truth, A Song is the nineth episode of Violetta.

The Truth, A Song is a fanon episode made up by Danicabral25 and Lollipops101.


Camila and Broduey are arguing about a dance move. They both have different versions of it and can't decide which one is right. Broduey is frustrated and can't keep his temper where as Camila is trying to be as calm as possible because she doesn't want them to break up. After a while of arguing, Broduey breaks up with Camila. Camila beggs for forgiveness but Broduey refuses, leaving Camila heart-broken.

Leon sees Camila crying and goes over to help her. Camila says hi and Leon asks her if she wants to tell him what happened. Camila attempts to answer but Leon asks if she want's a coffee. At the coffee shop, Leon and Camila sit down and Leon asks Camila if she wants to tell him whats wrong.Camila says that her and Broduey were arguing over a dance move and carries on explaining. Then Clement walks in and sees them together. He then hides and texts Gery to tell Violetta that Camila and Leon are on a date.

Gery then goes to Violetta's house and knocks on the door. Olga answers and asks who Gery is. Gery tells her someone that's there to see Violetta. Olga lets her in and tells Violetta that there is someone there for her. Gery asks why Gery's there and Gery says that she has some news about Leon. Violetta walks down stairs and asks what.

Gery tells Violetta that Alex saw Camila and Leon on a date and Violetta says that Gery is lying. Gery asks how she is lying and Violetta says because she has no proof and she just wants to split her and Leon up. Gery then gets out her phone and shows Violetta the text Alex sent to her. Violetta looks heartbroken at the text.

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