Teresa Valdez
Full Name

Teresa Rosaline Valdez Escarrà



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico City, Mexico (former)
Barcelona, Spain (former)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Light brown


Unknown father
Unknown mother
Luciano Valdez (brother)


Natalia Vidal


Studio On Beat


Teresa Rosaline Valdez Escarrà is a 17-year-old girl from Mexico City, Mexico. She is very independent and intelligent, with a big passion for music. She has been best friends with León ever since they were young, but when León moved to Buenos Aires they grew apart, but they became best friends again when Teresa moved to Buenos Aires.

Teresa Valdez is a made up character by Amelia79.


Teresa is a very sensible and decisive girl, she's very good at thinking on her feet and she always keeps a cool head in a crisis. She's very independent and intelligent, but she sometimes shuts people out without meaning to. She sometimes hides her feelings so that other people wouldn't get hurt, but this never leads to anything but trouble. She can be very protective and she sometimes jumps to conclusions too easily.


  • She was born in Mexico.
  • Her father is Mexican and her mother is Catalan.
  • She speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.
  • She and León have been friends since they were very young.
  • She really likes Naty, and she tries to help her to change Ludmila Ferró into a better person.
  • She doesn't really like Violetta Castillo as she thinks that she's a little foolish, especially when it comes to boys.
  • Her father is the head of an international accounting company, and her mother is a fashion designer.
  • She ships Leonara, Naxi and Fedemila.
  • She moved to Buenos Aires because her father moved his company headquarters there.
  • She is brilliant at accents.
  • She loves Camila's voice, but she hates the way Camila doubts herself and thinks its very silly.
  • She's good friends with Lara and they always hang out together.
  • She likes writing songs but she normally just covers other people's songs instead.
  • If she doesn't become a famous singer when she grows up she would like to be a politician to campaign for Catalonia's independence from Spain.
  • She loves Barcelona and thinks that its the most beautiful city in the world.
  • She tends to take the accent of whoever she's speaking to, like when she's talking to Naty she talks in a Castilian Spanish accent, when she's talking to León she talks in a Mexican accent, when she's talking to Lara she talks in an Argentine accent, and so on.
  • She has a little brother named Luciano.
  • Nearly everyone in the Studio thinks that she has a voice like silk.
  • She is very similar to Lara.

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