Stella Poggioli
Full Name

Stella Ludmila Poggioli Ferro


Stel, Grandma



Date of Birth

July 13th, 2020


Student, dancer, singer and keyboarder of Phoenix Echo

Eye Color


Hair Color



Ludmila Ferro (mother)
Federico Poggioli (father)
Priscila Ferro (grandmother)
Unnamed grandfather
Violetta Castillo (step-aunt/godmother)
Robert Angioli (uncle)
Cody Angioli (cousin)


Unnamed boyfriend


Maria Vargas
Nova Astrophel


San Isidro High School
Studio On Beat


Stella Ludmila Poggioli Ferro is the future daughter of Ludmila and Federico. She's looks like her mother, but her personality is more like her father. She was named in memory of the star that Federico gave to Ludmila.

Character History

Early Years

Stella was born in the same day that Federico gave Ludmila a star with her name to show his love for her. Since very young, Stella has always dreamed to be a famous singer and dancer. At age 5, she took dance lessons and has been performing in many stages. When she was 8, she took piano and singing lessons. She wrote her first song called "Dreams" when she was 9 years old.


  • The picture above is a graphic version of how would Stella looks like.
  • Her first and middle name is Stella Ludmila, which means Ludmila Star, the star that Federico gave to Ludmila. They also put her that name because she was born in the same day that Federico gave Ludmila the star.
  • She has two goldfish named Flick and Charlie.
  • Maria and Nova thinks she's boring.
  • The first song that she wrote is called "Dreams", which Maria thinks that is too rainbow-ish.
  • She is allergic to watermelon.
  • She mentioned that she has a boyfriend. She never revealed the name but she hinted that he also attends San Isidro High School.
  • Even that Rusher is based on Stella, they are slightly different.
  • She hated rock music, she thinks it's too noisy, but she soon enjoys it after becoming the lead singer of Phoenix Echo.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Beside Maria and Nova, Stella is a good friend to Andrea Ponte (Naty and Maxi's daughter)
  • She can speak Italian and English.

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