Spencer Johnson
Fran red headed
Full Name

Spencer Leia Johnson





Resides in

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. (former)
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color


Hair Color



Nick Johnson


Diego Hernández (crush)

Portrayed By

Lodovica Comello

Spencer Leia Johnson, better known as Leia or Red-Fran is Nick's younger sister. She visited the Studio with her brother. She looks just like Francesca, but with red hair.


  • Her father is fan of Star Wars, so he put "Leia" as her middle name.
  • When she was first introduced, she was known as Red-Fran due her appearance minus her red hair. Later, she reveal that her real name is Spencer Leia Johnson, but she prefer Leia, than Spencer.
  • Spencer is an unisex name, but it's commonly used for males.
  • She once dyed her hair black, which made everyone confused with Francesca, since the only difference that they have is the hair color.
  • She has a crush on Diego.
  • She has a good friendship with Lavender Castle, making them reflect to the friendship between Violetta and Francesca.
  • She loves Heavy Metal.
  • She is a bit clumsy.
  • She thinks that her brother's mustache is very ridiculous.
  • She has a heavy Southern accent.
  • She's always seen chewing gum.

Quotes by or conversations with Spencer Johnson

Nick: Hey guys! I want to introduce my sister

Francesca: This can't be...

Spencer: More awesome! 

Francesca: I was about to say this can't be serious... 

Spencer: Oh...I thought that our minds were linked... 


Spencer: I don't mind if people call me Spencer because that's who I am. I don't care if it's a boy's name because it makes me feel stronger. Hi! I am Spencer but call me Leia because it's cooler! 

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