Sofia Luiza Papra is a girl from Madrid who came with her parents moved. She is very shy, beautiful, friendly. When he heard of Studio On Beat came to enroll.

Sofia Papra

Full Name

Sofia Luiza Papra


Sofi (by Mora)
Luiza (by everyone)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown (natural color) (the early years)
Brown with caramel highlights (the early years)


Father unknown
Mother unknown


Carla Caviglia Hernández (best friend)
Mora Tores (best friend)


Studio On Beat


Taylor Snordei (boyfriend)

Character History

Early Years

Sofia is very friendly and she agreed to move to Buenos Aires, but when azuit On Beat Studio went to enroll with the song En Mi Mundo. She became friends with Mora and Carla, at least 2 weeks after they became best friends. She learned that Mora and Carla wanted to be best friends with Maria but she was angry with them. After they explained to Sofia and she understood that I was best friends with no one. She fell in love with a boy named Taylor Snordei again. Sofia thought to try something new to Taylor plate, she made caramel stripes and shaved hair and breasts and hair until it has always waved. She noted that Taylor did not say anything about changing her but finally she spoke with him and both admitted that they like and then had their first kiss that was official that they are loved.

Trivia EDIT

  • She and Carla strove for a message once made the mistake of Taylor.
  • Carla put her to choose between her and Taylor.
  • It time you became friends with Maria.
  • The first song they called,, ballads of love '' dedicated to Taylor.
  • He likes dresses.
  • II love to be flocked.

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