Sofia (unknown surname)


Soffy (By everyone)
Italian (by Gregorio)





Resides in:

Buenos Aires, Argentina
London, United Kingdom (former)
Milan, Italy (former)


Unknown mother
Unknown father
Alejandra (cousin)


Maxi Ponte (best friend)
Francesca Caviglia (Close friend)
Federico (Close friend)
Violetta Castillo


Marco Tavelli (crush)


Studio On Beat

Sofia is a fun, intelligent, but a little shy girl, who lives in Buenos Aires. She's originally from Italy, but she has been living in London for several years, until her family moved to Buenos Aires.

Sofia is a character made by the user Rachelkawaii.


Sofia is fun and intelligent and she has a big passion for music. She attends Studio On Beat, because she wants to become an artist. She's Italian, just like Francesca and Federico, and she likes to hang out with them. She has been living in London, and now she lives in Buenos Aires with her mum, dad and her cousin in Argentina, Alejandra. She is very outgoing, and she's friends with almost everyone on the Studio, except Diego, who she dislikes, but sometimes she can get a little shy.


  • She can play the guitar and the piano.
  • She has attended an international school before she started on Studio on Beat.
  • She has a crush on Marco, but Francesca doesn't know it.
  • She's fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Her favourite songs are Código Amistad and "Tienes El Talento".
  • She sang "Tienes El Talento" for her audition.
  • Her neighbour is Lara, and they are good friends.
  • Her best friend is Maxi.
  • If she doesn't become an internation artist, she wants to become a vet, because she loves animals
  • She has a cat called Martina, and a dog called Nica.
  • She dislikes Diego.
  • She ships Leonetta and Naxi.
  • She likes Camila, because they both have the Boho style.
  • She has been to every continent, except Antarctica.
  • She's good at playing tennis, football and basketball.
  • Her favourite football team is Bayern Munich.
  • At first, she didn't like Ludmila, but after some time, they became friends, because of Federico.
  • She was born in Milan, Italy.
  • Her favourite teacher on Studio On Beat is Beto, because he's funny and genious.
  • She loves Mate and scones.
  • She hates broccoli.
  • Her favourite singers on YouMix are Francesca Caviglia and Maxi Ponte.
  • She dislikes Gregorio Casal.
  • Even though she's Lara's neighbour, she's still good friends with Violetta Castillo.
  • She thinks that Maxi is a fantastic rapper.
  • She got sad when DJ didn't get pass the audition.
  • She thinks that Naty has an amazing voice.
  • She seems to dislike Anna a little.

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