“She's Back, a Song”
Season 1, Episode 7
She's Back
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A Wish, A Song


An Adoptive Sister, A Song

"She's Back, A Song " is the seventh episode of "Violetta"

Episode Summary

German changes his mind, so Violetta will stay in Buenos Aires. Violetta creates her own app in her phone. Meanwhile, Leon falls in love with a new girl, Tara. German couldn't stand another strange woman in his life, so he decided to marry Angie, since she was honest and wasn't strange at all. Violetta's new app can detect what another person is doing, so she used it on Leon. But it didn't turn out so well, because it detected Leon and it showed that he was on a date with Tara. Violetta got really mad at Leon and went to confront him. Meanwhile, German and Angie were planning their wedding, but Jade entered to grab her jacket, and then she found out about the wedding. Jade got really mad, but neither of them cared because she already made a plan with Matias, so German will never marry her. Violetta entered the cafe and started insulting and shouting at Tara. But when Leon stood up, he accidently hit Violetta's eye with his elbow. Her eye started to get swollen and turn blue. Leon took violetta to the hospital and told Tara: Sorry, but I'm not ready to date someone else. Tara got really mad and left the cafe. The doctor said that Violetta's eye will heal after 2 weeks. Leon apologized to Violetta, and the two shared a kiss.

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