Sarah-Jane Belvord
Full Name

Sarah-Jane Belvord


Small Person (by Ludmila and Maxi)



Resides in

Madrid, Spain (former)
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color


Hair Color

Light brown


Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
Unknown Aunt
Unknown Uncle
Lena Vidal (cousin)
Natalia Vidal (cousin)


Natalia Vidal (best friend)
Camila Torres
Francesca Caviglia


Sarah-Jane Belvord is Naty's cousin from Spain. She came to Buenos Aires to visit Naty but when she made friends with most people at the studio and wanted to stay.


Sarah is a kind and sweet person who hides it all under a tomboy with very little friends. Even though she is only twelve years old, Naty is her best friend.



Natalia Vidal

Cousin/ Best friend

Naty and Sarah are best friends. They've always been there for each other and spend alot of time together even though Naty is the 7th oldest Vidal child and Sarah is the 5th youngest. Naty was the first to show Sarah round Buenos Aires which they both described as a trip through hell due to Sarah being a tomboy but they will always be best friends.

Lena Vidal

Cousin/ Enemy

Lena and Sarah don't get along because Lena thinks she shouldnt hide herself behind someone she's not but Sarah never listens and just walks away. They don't really like to talk about each other but when they do it is usually in a rude or hurtful manner.


Camila Torres

Friend/ First met

When Naty took Sarah to the Stuio the first person she met was Camila. When they met Sarah kept on making smart remarks at most things she said but Camila ignored them and became friends with her.

Francesca Caviglia

Friend/ Second met

When Camila went to her locker, Sarah and Naty followed her and Francesca was waiting for her. Naty told Francesca about Sarah and they became friends.



Sarah followed Naty all day to see what the studio was like and met all of Naty's friends.


Maxi Ponte

Enemy/ Jealousy (Maxi's side)

When Maxi first met Sarah they weren't enemies but Sarah was stayin with Naty alot and Maxi got jealous because Naty had no time for him.

Ludmila Fero

Enemy/ Jealousy (Ludmila's side)

Like Maxi, Ludmila was jealous of Sarah because Naty had no time for. Also Sarah thought that Ludmila was bad for Naty and Naty should ditch her.

Lola Zeragoza

Enemy/ Best Friend (Former)

To find pairing search Sola

Lola and Sarah used to be friends but they became so different that they stpped being friends. She comes to the studio because her parents promised she could go there when she turned thirteen. Sarah did not know this and hated the idea of being in the same country as her again and wanted to go back home but she didn't because she realized she wouldn't be able to annoy her like she used to.


  • She and Naty used to dance all the time
  • She is probably from Naty's mothers side of the family as her last name is different
  • Her favorite colours are purple, black and white
  • She hates Lola Zeragoza
  • Her favorite singer is Ed Sheeran and her favorite song is Don't by Ed Sheeran

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