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Ruggero Pasquarelli and Lodovica Comello


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Ruggina, Mardovica, Jorgero

Ruggovica (Rugg/ero and Lod/ovica) is the real-life pairing with Ruggero Pasquarelli and Lodovica Comello.

They are really good friends and they like to spend time with each other on the set of Violetta, and off set too. They talk to each other in Italian sometimes, so nobody understands them.

For the pairing in the series of Federico and Francesca Caviglia, see Fedesca



  • Both are Italian.
  • Both are actors and singers.
  • Both are fluent in Spanish, English and Italian.
  • Both can play the guitar and the piano.
  • Both were working on Violetta en Vivo.
  • Both sung "Vieni, Canta" in Violetta in Concert.
  • Both are best friends with Jorge Blanco.
  • They are best friends on the set of Violetta.
  • They usually talk in Italian with each other, so nobody can understand them.
  • They are both good friends with Martina Stoessel.
  • Both are currently working on the third season of Violetta.
  • Both have a sibling.
  • Both have black hair.
  • Both are part of the main cast.
  • Both are currently in a relationship: Lodovica is dating the producer Tomas Goldschmidt and Ruggero is dating Candelaria Molfese.


  • Ruggero is from Città Sant'Angelo and Lodovica is from San Daniele del Friuli.
  • Lodovica is older than Ruggero by 3 years.
  • Lodovica is fluent in four languages, but Ruggero is only fluent in three.
  • Violetta was Lodovica's first appearance on TV, but Ruggero has participated in other TV shows before Violetta.


  • They sang the song Vieni, Canta for the Violetta en Concierto concerts.
  • They usually talk to each other in Italian on the set, so no one understands them.
  • Currently, they're the only Italian cast members of Violetta.


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