Full Name

Violetta Castillo (in real-life)
Rosa (in disguise)


Roxy (By Everyone)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color



León (former crush-by-on)


Fausta (Best friend)
Camila Torres

First Episode

Season 3, Episode 25

Last Episode

Season 3, Episode 40

Portrayed By

Martina Stoessel

Roxy is actually Violetta in disguise because Violetta wants to spy on Gery and León. Her red hair is a wig and the glasses are fake. She has a crush on León. Roxy is portrayed by Martina Stoessel.


Unlike Violetta herself, Roxy has the opposite personality. She's more outgoing and daring, while Violetta seems to be a unique person. She usually wears crazy clothes, unlike Violetta who has a feminine and formal style. Roxy's personality is a bit crazy.

Character History

Roxy is a character created by Violetta. She is brought in to spy on Leon and now what he feels for her. Leon does not know that she is actually Violetta in disguise, causing him to develop feelings for Roxy, break up with Violetta, and kisses Roxy without knowing who she really was. Violetta then dreams about Leon finding out who Roxy really is. Roxy wrote the song "Underneath It All' to describe how she feels for Leon. 


  • She has fuchsia hair and wears glasses.
  • Her best friend is Fausta.
  • She is spying on Leon to know what he really feels about Violetta,
  • She went on a date with Leon.
  • Her wig fell off in episode 28 while she was on a date with Leon.
  • She and Leon kissed.
  • She dreamed that Leon knew that Violetta is Roxy.
  • Leon kissed Roxy in episode 40.
  • Leon found out at the end of episode 40 / beginning of episode 41 that Roxy was Violetta.
  • Roxy appears during the Violetta Live concert, where she (Martina) sings Underneath It All.
  • She also sang A Mi Lado with Fausta and Camila.                                                           
  • Angie found out that Roxy is Violetta and got upset.


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Video Gallery

Violetta (Roxy) canta "Underneath it all" (HD)00:56

Violetta (Roxy) canta "Underneath it all" (HD)

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