Robert Angioli
Full Name

Robert Franklin Angioli


Bobby, Robin, James Bond



Resides in

London, UK (former)
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color


Hair Color



Lorenzo Angioli (father)
Elaine Angioli (mother)
Emma Angioli (sister)
Federico Poggioli (cousin)
Stella Poggioli (niece)
Cody Angioli (son)


Allison Summers (ex-girlfriend)
Camila Torres (wife)

Robert Franklin "Bobby" Angioli is Federico's cousin. He was born in United Kingdom, but he has origin from Italy. He came to Argentina due his parents' work. At first, his parents want to send him to a boarding school, but after that he discovered his talent for the music, his parents changed their mind and allow him to join the Studio On Beat. He is beloved by many girls of the Studio, but he doesn't show any interest on them.


  • He's described by any girls as "very handsome".
  • He plays guitar.
  • He secretly plays drums.
  • He's terrible at dancing.
  • He said that he had an on-again off-again relationship a girl named Allison Summers, who he described as "she-devil" and keeps tormenting him with her deadly messages.
  • Francesca, Camila, Naty and many other girls have a crush on him.
  • His role model is James Bond and Sherlock Holmes.
  • He hates Felipe Diaz and his hair.
  • He calls himself Robin (Batman's sidekick).
  • He has an older sister named Emma, which he described to be very tall.
  • In the future, he becomes a film director and unaware of Federico's marital status so as the existence of Stella. It's also revealed that he met Maria once in a comic book convention.
  • It is hinted that in the future, he marries Camila Torres twice, who has become a successful singer and actress. They also have a son named Cody.

Quotes by or conversation with Robert Angioli

Naty: Have you heard about a guy named Felipe Diaz?

Robert: Felipe Diaz? Pfffft! I hate him, so as his hair. I had a long time thinking that it's a wig, and I still think so.


Robert: What do I want to do if I weren't an artist? Easy! I'll be an agent or a detective, like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. You know...the name is Angioli, Robert Angioli.


Federico: You play drums too?

Robert: I don't always do drums, but when I do, I do it secretly...


Camila: I don't want to be nosy, but in case of emergency, are you available?

Robert: As long as my she-devil ex-girlfriend Allison Summers doesn't kill me with her deadly messages, I will.

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