Resto Band




Buenos Aires, Argentina (former, possibly)


The Caviglia Family


Luca Caviglia (former)
Francesca Caviglia (former)
Tomás Heredia (former, fired)
Camila Torres (former, quit)
Pablo Galindo (former, quit)
Mario (former, quit)
Mara (former, quit)


Closed (possibly)

Resto Band (formerly Resto Bar) was a bar in Season 1 of Violetta. It was founded by Francesca and Luca's parents. The students of the Studio used to hang out there a lot, and they also came here to sing and practice when Gregorio was the principal of Studio On Beat (Studio 21 by that time). The bar disappeared in Season 1, and it didn't appear at all in Season 2, so it was probably closed since Luca moved to Italy, and so did his and Francesca's parents.


The bar was previously named "Resto Bar", but Luca changed the name because he thought music will bring more customers. The students from the Studio always came there and sang, and sometimes, Luca brought special guests or sang himself, and also did a lot of magic tricks and balloon figurines.


  • It's the place where all the students hang out.
  • It appeared in almost every episode of season 1.


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