Characters Shipped

Rach and Gabriela


Best friends/Twinzies/Sisters


Rachletta, Gabriletta

Portrayed by

Rachekawaii and TinistaGabriela

Rachiela (Rach and Gabr/iela) is the friendship pairing of Rach and Gabriela. They are best friends and they have a lot in common. They love to talk to each other.

Other Names




  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both speak English and Spanish.
  • Both have a brother.
  • Both are huge V-Lovers.
  • Both love Italian and Indian food
  • Both have had a hard time in school.
  • Both share their birthdays in February.
  • Both are good friends with Amelia, Francesca and Violetta.
  • Both ships Leonetta and Fedeletta.
  • Both consider each other as a sister.
  • Both love pop and rock music.
  • Both have a crush on and are in love with Ruggero Pasquarelli.
  • Both have a crush on Jorge Blanco.
  • Both are huge Ruggistas.
  • Both love Dove Cameron.
  • Both are currently learning French.
  • Both live in Europe.
  • Both have a Twitter and Instagram account.
  • Both like I Didn't Do It and Liv and Maddie.


  • Rachel was born in Denmark, and Gabriela was born in the United States.
  • Gabriela has a younger sister, but Rachel hasn't.
  • Rachel has blue eyes and Gabriela has green and blue eyes.
  • Rachel's birthday is on February 8th and Gabriela's is on February 11th.
  • Rachel's favorite character from Violetta is Francesca and Gabriela's favorite character is Camila.
  • Rachel's is in 9th grade and Gabriela's is in 10th.
  • Gabriela is fluent in Portugese, and Rachel only knows a little.
  • Rachel is learning German and Gabriela's learning Italian.
  • Rachel lives in Denmark and Gabriela lives in Portugal.
  • Rachel is fluent in Danish and Gabriela only knows a little.

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