Phoenix Echo


Maria Vargas (drums and backing vocals)
Stella Poggioli (lead vocals)
Nova Astrophel (guitar and backing vocals)
Nathaniel Ponte (bass guitar and backing vocals)
Rodrigo Ramallo (keyboard and backing vocals)


Gabrielle Galan

Phoenix Echo is a rock band originally formed by Maria Vargas, Nova Astrophel and Stella Poggioli. Later, Nathaniel Ponte and Rodrigo Ramallo became part of the band and Gabrielle Galan was hired to be their manager.


First members

Soon after Maria met Nova, they have the idea of forming a band with their friend Stella, but she didn't accepted since she thinks rock is not her style. Maria and Nova formed the band on their own and called it Phoenix Echo. Feeling that they need one member more, they decided to convince Stella to join them as they promise to let her be their lead singer and songwriter. Stella accepted and became part of Phoenix Echo.

Stella writing was good, but the problem was that she didn't liked to perform them as rock songs. This lead to a disagreement and they "fired" Stella. Maria and Nova are on their own again, but that didn't cause a disbandment. Nova decided to cover songs as their first step, which was very useful to the creating of their first original song called "Nightmare", a reverse version of Stella's song "Dreams" but Maria and Nova didn't realize that until Stella called them thieves.

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