Nick Johnson
Mustache Leon
Full Name

Kimberly Nicholas Johnson





Resides in

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. (former)
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Don Taco's Tacos waiter (former)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Spencer Johnson (sister)


Lavender Castle (crush)


Studio On Beat


Don Taco's Tacos (former)

Portrayed By

Jorge Blanco

Kimberly Nicholas "Nick" Johnson, also known as Moustache Leon is the new student of the Studio On Beat. He looks just like Leon, but with mustache.

Nick Johnson is created by Francesca14601.


  • When he was first introduced, he was known as Moustache Leon. In the next episode, it was revealed that people usually call him Nick, that is his middle name, but by the end of the episode, it was revealed that his first name was actually Kimberly.
  • He said that he wants to learn music because he wants to join a mariachi group named "Los Bárbaros del Oeste" (The Barbarians of the West).
  • He mainly keeps the mustache to join the mariachi group.
  • He has a crush on a girl named Lavender Castle, who looks like Roxy (Violetta).
  • Kimberly is an unisex name. Nick hides his first name because he doesn't know that it's an unisex name, since in his previous school, all people with the name Kimberly are females.
  • He is afraid of butterflies. He said that when he was young, he was attacked by butterflies.

Quotes by or conversations with Nick Johnson

Angie: We always ask students why they want to study music. So tell me, what makes you want to learn music?

Nick: Well, to start, I was a waiter at Don Taco's Tacos. Every Friday night we invite a mariachi group called "Los Bárbaros del Oeste" to perform there. I loved that group, so I asked them if I can join them. They said yes and asked me what can I do, but all I can do is play the triangle, so after that my family moved to Buenos Aires, I found this Studio and decided to join to learn more about music and maybe play the trumpet. That's my reason.


Camila: I'm just wondering...Do you have anyone special? Anyone that looks like...I don't know....that girl? (point at Violetta)

Nick: Oh my God! She looks just like a blonde Lavender Castle without glasses and braces!

Camila: So you are saying that your girlfriend looks like Violetta?

Nick: Lavender is not my girlfriend, I just like her. Seriously, this is Buenos Aires or Doppelgängerland?

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