Characters Shipped

Natalia Vidal and Violetta Castillo


Friends/Frenemies (sometimes)


Viodmila, Naxi, Nalena, Franletta Laty

Portrayed by

Alba Rico and Martina Stoessel

Natletta (Nat/y and Vio/letta) is the friendship/frenemy pairing between Natalia Vidal and Violetta Castillo. They have never been friends but are sometimes nice to eachother. At other times Naty is mean to Violetta but it is in order to please Ludmila.


When they first met Naty acted like she couldn't stand Violetta for Ludmila and said mean stuff like asking if she could film Violetta crying. But in realty Naty is a nice person and is nice to Violetta like when Naty's sister Lena came, Naty and Violetta were friends with her and showed that they were possibly friends or just aquaintances.

Other Names

  • Natalietta (Natali/a and Viol/etta)
  • Natta (Na/ty and Viole/tta)
  • Natytta (Naty and Viole/tta)
  • Navioletta (Na/ty and Violetta)



  • Both attend Studio On Beat
  • Both have a relationship with Maxi (Violetta - friends and Naty - dating)
  • Both have lived in Spain
  • Both have lived in Europe
  • Both were enemies with Ludmila for sometime
  • Both are friends with Camila Torres
  • Both are amazing singers and dancers
  • Both are friends with Lena Vidal


  • Naty has black hair and Violetta has blonde hair
  • Naty likes Ludmila but Violetta dislikes her
  • Naty has been at the studio longer than Violetta


  • Naty locked Violetta in a room so she almost missed her dance test. But it was Ludmila who made her do it.
  • Naty didn't help Ludmila in her plan to make Violetta suffer as she started dating Maxi
  • They are sometimes friends


Song - The Natletta song could be Euforia as they sing it in episode 7 of season 3 with others from the studio. Another song could be Veo Veo as this is Lena's favorite song and both girls are friends with Lena.

Episode - The Natletta episode could be episode 53 of season 1 as thats whenLena and Naty became friends and Violetta was friends with her too.

Color - The Natletta color could be white as both are usually seen wearing something white or wearing white details.

Place - The Natletta place could be Studio On Beat as both attend school there and they are often seen together there.

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