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Natalia Vidal and Lena Vidal




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Alba Rico and Lucía Gil

Nalena (Na/ty and Lena) is the sisterhood pairing between Natalia Vidal and Lena Vidal.

They are sisters and love each other a lot, even though they sometimes fight. Lena helped Naty stand up for herself and face Ludmila.


Lena came to the Studio in episode 51 in season 1, and Naty got angry, because singing was "her thing". But after some time, they become closer to each other. Ludmila was being very mean to Lena, which Naty disliked.

After a time, they start to hang out a lot, and Lena tells Naty that she doesn't have to be Ludmila's assistant, nor "best friend", and she can do whatever she wants and be whoever she wants to be. But when Lena quits the Studio, Naty gets sad and goes back to Ludmila.

Lena came back in Season 2, but they didn't interact that much now, because Lena tried to help Maxi and Marco with Ludmila. She knew Ludmila had feelings for Federico.

Other names

  • Natena (Nat/alia and L/ena)
  • Natalena (Nata/lia and Lena)
  • Nena (N/atalia and L/ena)
  • Lety (Le/na and Na/ty)
  • Lenaty (Len/a and N/aty)
  • Lenatalia (Lena and Na/talia)



  • Both come from Madrid, Spain.
  • Both are talented singers.
  • Both sometimes dislike Ludmila.
  • Both can play the guitar.
  • Both have hazel eyes.
  • Both are friends with Violetta.
  • Both have the same parents.
  • Both live in Buenos Aires.
  • Both dislike Gregorio.
  • Both have a nickname of four letters (Natalia - Naty and Helena - Lena).


  • Naty has black and curly hair, but Lena has light brown and straight hair.
  • Naty has been attending the Studio for a longer time than Lena.
  • Naty likes Ludmila, but Lena dislikes her.
  • Ludmila is Naty's best friend, but she is Lena's enemy.


  • Lena said, just before she left the Studio, that Naty was her idol.
  • Lena wanted to make a song for her vlog with Naty and Violetta.
  • When Lena began attending the Studio, Naty started to become a better person.
  • They didn't interact a lot in season 2.
  • Ludmila didn't know they were sisters
  • Lena helped Naty being in Violetta, Francesca and Camila's band.


Song - The Nalena song could be "Tu Eres Mi Cancion", because Lena sang it in the Studio, while she was with her sister.

Episode - The Nalena episode is episode 53 of season 1, because Naty told Ludmila to treat her sister better, and Naty and Lena became good friends

Color - TBA

Place - The Nalena place is Studio On Beat since they both are/were students there.


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