Mr. Ferro is unlike Priscila, a very friendly and caring man. He is also very rich, he is a billionaire, due to the fact he has mansions and even his own hotels. He and Ludmila probably had a good relationship with Ludmila and Priscila before he and Priscila divorced after the end of season 1, because after the divorce he moved to Africa, and thanks to Priscilla he didn't speak to Ludmila in almost 2 years, but after the story Ludmila and her father has a good relationship again.

Early Years

Mr. Ferro is shown to be a successful billionaire businessman, and he was married to Ludmila's mother,Priscila. But they divorced right after season 2,and he moved to Africa. But even though he couldn't see Ludmila, he sent her gifts, letters and e-mails, but Ludmila never got them as Priscila hid them from Ludmila.


He appeared near the end of Season 3.

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