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Mercedes Lambre and Xabiani Ponce De León




Lodobiani, Jorcedes, Mercina

Mechiani (Mechi and Xabi/ani) is the real life romantic pairing between Mercedes Lambre, also known as Mechi, and Xabiani Ponce De León.



  • Both were working on Violetta en Vivo.
  • Both are part of the main cast of Violetta.
  • Both can speak Spanish.
  • Both are actors and singers.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • They both have a tattoo.


  • Mercedes is Argentinian and Xabiani is Mexican.
  • Mercedes was in Season 1 of Violetta but Xabiani wasn't.
  • Mercedes has blonde hair and Xabiani has black hair.
  • Mercedes is 22 and Xabiani is 21.
  • Violetta was Mercedes' first appearance in a fictional TV show but Xabiani had appeared in several other TV shows before Violetta.
  • Xabiani has appeared in several short films and movies but Mercedes hasn't.
  • Xabiani was born in Mexico City and Mercedes was born in La Plata.


  • Mercedes and Xabiani are dating. They are shown kissing in several pictures and they are always sending loving messages to each other on Twitter.
  • They met on the set of Violetta.
  • Xabiani made a surprise for Mercedes while she was in Barcelona and he sent a picture of it to her on Twitter.
  • Mercedes said that she misses Xabiani a lot on Twitter, as she is currently shooting the third season of Violetta in Barcelona, and Xabiani is thousands of miles away in Buenos Aires.
  • They have a kitten named Alaska.[1]
  • Their relationship is totally different to the relationship between their characters; Marco and Ludmila. In Violetta, Marco and Ludmila don't interact much, but in real-life Mercedes and Xabiani are dating and are always talking to each other.
  • People who ship them are called "Mechianistas".
  • They broke up in 2015.


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