Maria Martinez
Full Name

Maria José Martinez


M.J. Ashley (secret ID)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Medellin, Colombia (former)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Blonde with brown streaks
Black (as M.J. Ashley)


Francesca Caviglia
Natalia Vidal


Studio On Beat (as M.J. Ashley)


Maria Martinez is a girl with the secret ID M.J. Ashley. She's originally from Colombia, but came to Buenos Aires as M.J. Ashley, where she goes to Studio On Beat.


Nothing much is known about her past. She was born and grew up in the town of Medellin in Colombia, but moved away from her family, because they found out about her secret identity. She's keeping a big secret, which she haven't revealed to anyone yet.


  • In some ways, she's similar to Vivian Darkbloom from Pretty Little Liars:
    • Both are keeping a big secret
    • Both disguise with a black wig
    • Both ran away from their family and past.
  • Her only friends in Buenos Aires are Francesca and Naty.
  • M.J. is a combination of the two names Maria José, and Ashley is the name of her ex-bff.
  • Almost all the students from Studio On Beat finds her weird.
  • She only plays the bass and sings.
  • Once during dance class, her wig almost fell off.
  • She has had the secret ID M.J. Ashley since she was 12. She used it for spying on her sisters and brothers.

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