Making Crazy Friends and Influencing Other People, A Song is a fanon episode created by Francesca14601.


Two new girls named Felicia and Carina from Europe came to the Studio On Beat as exchange students. Violetta soon became good friends to the girls, but it turned out to be something crazy and chaotic. First, Francesca and Camila had a fight with Violetta which made them stop seeing each other all day; then, she missed her girls day out with Ludmila and lastly,the three girls were gone. Violetta reported to the police that the girls were missing. The police found out that Felicia and Carina aren't exchange students from Europe, they are criminals that has been kidnapping people, especially teenage girls for 3 years.

The police sent one of their best and young agent, Alex Peterson to go undercover. Alexis pretended to be Stephanie McKenzie, a new student of the Studio that always hang out around Violetta. The next day, Felicia and Carina came to the Studio, ready to kidnap Violetta, but since Stephanie was there too, they decided to take her along.

Violetta and Stephanie (Alex) was taken to an abandoned house where they reunited with Ludmila, Francesca and Camila. To make it secret and easy, Violetta and Alex decided to not talk about her real purpose, they just let things flow until it comes the right moment to take action. It was midnight, everyone was sleeping, including the guy that was supposed to watch the girls. Alex silently took the girls out of the house, but Ludmila, being the last to go out, slipped and made a sound that woke everyone up. Violetta guided the girls to the police where they reunited with their family, while Alex stayed in the house to fight the criminals and safe the other girls that was there. The other girls managed to escape thanks to the interference of the police. The criminals were down, except Felicia who was still conscious and with a gun. Alex was shot in the shoulder and immediately fall to the ground. The police followed the sound and saved Alex.

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