Lola Zeragoza is the former best friend and enemy of Sarah-Jane Belvord. Lola is extremlyy girly and only seems to care about herself.


Lola is very girly and self-centred. She doesn't care what other people think and wants to be the most famous person in the world and like Ludmila she doesn't know that it takes time and effort to get there. Also, like Sarah, Lola makes a lot of smart remarks to people.



Ludmila Ferro


Like Ludmila, Lola thinks she's the best and calls herself a superstar. At first Lola and Ludmila didn't like each other as they were both fighting for the top spot at the studio but after bonding over their hatred of Sarah, they became friends.

Maxi Ponte


Like Lola, Maxi dislikes Sarah but unlike her he loves Naty. Lola talks about Naty in bad ways due to her being Sarah's best friend which annoys Maxi. When Maxi found out that the hatred was only because Naty was friends with Sarah he was mad, but time passed and they decided to get along.

Lena Vidal


When Lena found out that Lola was Sarah's best friend, she instantly wanted to meet her and tried everything to do it. In the end, when they did meet, they formed a pact to separate Naty and Sarah.


Best friend

When Lola's friends came to visit, Sarah hated the idea of more of Lola, and so did Naty and Maxi. Bethani was one of them. After Lola and Sarah weren't friends, Bethani was the first person to be friends with Lola and just like Lola, hates Sarah. Sarah describes her as dumb Lola.


Best friend

At first, Sarah disliked Chelsea and thought she was like Lola but then they sat next to each other in maths for a while and Sarah changed her mind. Chelsea can sometimes be like Lola but most of the time she is the nicest out of the four. Sarah describes her as Smart Lola.


Best friend

Colbee is another one of Lola's friends. Lola and Colbee live across the street from each other. When Colbee moved schools to be with Lola, Sarah thought she was still a tomboy, but she turned out to be just like Lola. Sarah describes her as dumb Lola 2.


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