Gery y Leon
Characters Shipped

León and Gery


Friends/One-sided crush (Gery's side)



Portrayed by

Jorge Blanco and Macarena Miguel

Leonery (Leon and G/ery) is the friendship/romantic pairing of León and Gery.

Gery fell in love with León because of his kindness but as León was still in love with Violetta, he only saw Gery as a friend which aroused Gery's jealousy. She then tried hard to make León forget Violetta but she eventually failed and ended up with Alex.


When Gery and León first met, Gery did not like León as he unintentionally got her fired from her job. However, after León got her a new job and because of his kind gestures, Gery fell in love with him, but as León was dating Violetta and was deeply in love with her, he only say Gery as a friend, much to her dismay.

Later on, when León and Violetta broke up, she tried hard to win his heart and make him forget about Violetta but she did not succeed and León instead fell for Roxy who was actually Violetta in disguise. After their breakup, Violetta had realized she still loved León and she disguised as Roxy to get closer to him which caused Gery to get jealous.

When Roxy's truth came out, León was heartbroken and Gery tried to comfort him and make him fall in love with him. With the help of Alex, a boy who had a crush on Violetta, she put more distance between León and Violetta and tried to separate them but they developed feelings for each other in the process. When León and Violetta found out the truth, Gery apologized to León. The latter got back with Violetta and Gery ended up with Alex.

Other Names

  • Lery (Le/on and Ge/ry)



  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both live in Argentina.
  • Both were from Mexico.
  • Both can sing.


  • León comes from a wealthy family and never had to work while Gery works at Studio On Beat as Beto's assistant.
  • León has hazel eyes while Gery has brown eyes.
  • León is a very good person while Gery is mean and selfish.


  • Gery broke León's phone.
  • León got Gery a new job.
  • They never became a couple as León only loved Violetta.


Song - The Leonery song could be "Voy Por Ti" as they once sung it together.

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