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Ramallo Personal space!
-Several episodes

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Characters Shipped

Ludmila Ferro





Portrayed by

Jorge Blanco
Mercedes Lambre

Ledmila (Le/on and Lu/dmila) is the romantic/frenemy pairing of León and Ludmila Ferro. At the start of the show, León and Ludmila were dating and their couple was the most popular one at the Studio. However, later on, when Ludmila developed a crush on Tomás, she and León broke up.

They became frenemies, bickering most of the time, although now they are more friends than enemies.

For the real-life pairing between Jorge Blanco and Mercedes Lambre, see Jorcedes.


Season 1

At the start of the series, Ludmila and León were dating and classified as the bad guys. They were both in the cool crowd along with Naty and Andres. Later when Tomás was admiring a guitar, León thought he was admiring Ludmila and got angry at him. León later found out Tomás liked Violetta and so he used Violetta to make Tomás jealous. However, he fell in love with her in the process and broke up with Ludmila to go out with Violetta. Afterwards, Ludmila and León did not interact very much but when they did, they argued.

Other Names

  • Leonila (Leon and Ludm/ila)
  • Leomila (Leo/n and Lud/mila)
  • Leodmila (Leo/n and Lu/dmila)
  • Ludeon (Lud/mila and L/eon)
  • Ludmileon (Ludmi/la and Leon)



  • Both have a close relationship with Violetta.(Ludmila is her step-sister and Leon is her boyfriend)
  • Both attend the Studio On Beat.
  • Both were once part of the Cool Crowd.
  • Both come from wealthy families.


  • Leon is a good person but Ludmila is not always good.
  • Ludmila has blonde hair while Leon has brown hair.
  • León loves Violetta but Ludmila hates her (until season 3).
  • Leon is Mexican while Ludmila is Argentinian.
  • Ludmila has brown eyes but Leon has hazel eyes.


  • They used to date.
  • After they broke up they were still friends.


Song - The Ledmila song could be "Destinada A Brillar" Ludmila wrote, Leon knew how to play it and he possibly wrote co-wrote it.

Episode - The Ledmila episode could be Season 1, episode 23 when Ludmila saw Leon having an allergic reaction and said that she forgot that he was allergic she sounded worried. The Ledmila episode could also be season 1 episode 71 because Ludmila tried to kiss him then.

Colour - The Ledmila colour could be red as they are both seen wearing it alot.

Place - The Ledmila place could be Studio On Beat because that's where they see each other most. The Ledmila place could also be the park as Ludmila tried to kiss Leon their

Boss - TBA


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