Laty studio s3
Characters Shipped

Ludmila Ferro and Natalia Vidal


Best friends, sidekicks, frenemies (sometimes)


Naxi, Fedemila, Nalena

Portrayed by

Mercedes Lambre and Alba Rico

Laty (L/udmila and N/aty) is the friendship pairing of Ludmila Ferro and Natalia Vidal.

They're best friends and sidekicks, and even though Ludmila treats Naty badly, Naty is always with Ludmila.

For the real-life pairing of Mercedes Lambre and Alba Rico, see Malba


Ludmila and Naty have been best friends since the beginning of the series. Even though Ludmila treats Naty badly, she always sticks to Ludmila. But after some time, Naty become more independent, thanks to her sister Lena. But when Lena lefts the Studio, Naty goes back to Ludmila.



  • Both attend Studio On Beat.
  • Both have hazel eyes.
  • Both are talented singers and dancers.
  • Both were a part of the cool crowd.
  • Both are dating someone, they disliked before.
  • Both are dating someone.
  • Both were picked for Gregorio's special group.
  • Both were picked for Talents 21.
  • Both are friends with Violetta.


  • Naty is a nice person, unlike Ludmila.
  • Naty loves Maxi, but Ludmila hates him.
  • Naty likes Lena, but Ludmila dislikes her.
  • Ludmila has blonde hair, and Naty has black hair.
  • Naty is friends with Violetta, but Ludmila used to be enemies with her.


  • They have been best friends for a long time.
  • Naty couldn't live without Ludmila at first, but then she made new friends and became more independent.
  • They like going shopping together.


Song - The Laty song is Peligrosamente Bellas because that was the first song they sang in a duet and it was written by Ludmila, though it is possible that Naty co-wrote it.

Episode - The Laty episode could be season 1, episode 9 because they were dressed as devils, the opposite of angels, which is what Maxi, Camila and Francesca were wearing to make Violetta not feel embarrassed about Ludmila's prank. The Laty episode could also be season 2, episode 40, because they sang "Peligrosamente Bellas" at the show.

Color - The Laty color could be red because red is the color of badness, and they are somehow bad and the villains in the series, though the only "evil" one is Ludmila, but Naty is her sidekick and always supports her. Also they wear alot of red.

Place - The Laty place is Studio On Beat because they spend most of their time together there.


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