Full Name

Lalita Noa Valentie


Ariel (by Everyone)
Aril (by Gery)
Lalial (by Leon)



Resides in

Croatia (former)
Mexico (former)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eye Color


Hair Color

Black (former)
Red with Green and Purple streaks


Unknown mother
Unknown father
Leon (half brother)


Felipe (possible crush)
Broduey (possible crush)


Gery (best friend)


Lalita 'Ariel' Valentie Gery's best friend. She came to Buenos Aires to see Gery after she was let out of a juvenile camp. Despite being a bad girl, she has a bubbly personality and is always willing to help her friends.

Lalita Valentie is a Fanon character made up by Lollipops101


Lalita is very bubbly. She has been classed as a bad girl her whole life and shares a lot of similarities with Diego. She does know right from wrong but she prefers to not use it. But sometimes she is nice, but usually only around Gery. She is also shown to be very racist.


  • She is a bad girl
  • She shares strong similarities with Diego Hernandez
    • Both don't/ didn't now their dad
    • Both have a typical bad look
    • Both have/ had black hair
    • Both their best friends are mexican
    • Both are bad people
  • She is very hyper most of the time
  • Out of all of the arts, her favourite is dancing
  • Her favourite colours are Red and Siver
  • She is Croatian but she moved to Mexico due to her mothers job as a diplomat
  • Her father ran away before she was born and she has never met him but he apparently has a new family in Argentina
  • Leon is part of her half family but neither of them know
  • She has been to many juvenile camps
  • Her favourite song is Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
  • Her middle name is Noa
  • People call her Ariel because her hair is red with purple and green streaks
  • She calls Gery, Jerry
  • She makes up dances to a youtube show called Epic Rap Battles of History
  • She sings just like Ludmila but higher
  • She is fluent in Croatian, Spanish and English
  • She is learning Czech and French
  • She wants to learn Italian and Portuguese
  • She dislikes Alex because he gets all Gery's attention
  • She shares some similarities with Lara
    • Both dislike Violetta
    • Both can fix a vehicle
  • Her favourite Epic Rap Battle is Alfred Hitchcock vs Steven Spielberg
  • She wants to be a dancer when she's older

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