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Jorcedes, Pablini, Mardovica, Mercina, Dietini, Ruggina, Jorgero

Jortini (Jor/ge and Tini) is the real-life friendship pairing between Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel, also known as Tini.

They are really close friends. They spend a lot of time together on the set of Violetta, and off-set too. Martina said that during their concerts, she and Jorge got a lot more closer.

For the pairing in the series of León and Violetta Castillo, see Leonetta.



  • Both participated in the Violetta in Live concerts.
  • Both are currently working on Violetta LIVE.
  • Both were invited to participate in the U-Mix Show.
  • Both went to Barcelona to shoot the first episode of Violetta 3.
  • Both are a part of the main cast of Violetta.
  • Both ship Leonetta.
  • Both are in Violetta La Película.


  • Jorge is Mexican and Martina is Argentinian.
  • Violetta was Martina's first TV appearance, but Jorge had participated in other TV programs before Violetta.
  • Jorge is 23 and Martina is 18.
  • Jorge has brown hair and Martina has blonde hair.
  • Jorge was born Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico and Martina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Martina has several tattoo's, but Jorge doesn't have any.
  • Jorge is in a relationship, while Martina isn't,
  • Jorge is a YouTuber, while Martina isn't.


  • Jorge and Martina are just friends. Jorge is currently dating an actress called Stephie Camarena, while Martina is single.
  • Sometimes, Jorge buys candy for Martina.
  • Jorge, along with Lodovica and Mercedes, helps her with her homework. Jorge usually helps her with Math.
  • Many fans want them to become a couple
  • Jorge loves Martina like his own sister.
  • Their fans are called Jortinistas.
  • Jorge sometimes jokes around with Martina and calls her Vilu.
  • Jorge says that when he needs to shoot a romantic scene with Martina, he pretends she is his girlfriend.[1]
  • Martina has Jorge's number listed in her phone as "Jorgito" and Jorge has Martina's number listed as "Martu".
  • One time, Jorge was full of emotion and gave Martina a big hug.
  • Jorge made a video for Martina on her 17th birthday, along with friends.
  • Many V-lovers wants them to become a couple.
  • Their favorite moment from Violetta was when Vilu pretended to be Roxy.[2]


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