Characters Shipped

Jade Lafontaine, Angie Cararra and Priscila Ferro



Portrayed by

Florencia Benítez, Clara Alonso and Florencia Ortiz

Jadeila (Jad/e, Angi/e and Prisci/la) is the enemy pairing of Jade LaFontaine, Angie Carrara and Priscila Ferro.


Jade first met Angie when she was pretending to be Violetta's Tutor. Then they met Priscila when German Married her. They quickly all became ennemies because they all have a crush and love German but only Priscila can have him as she is his wife .



  • They are all girls.
  • They are all one of Germans romances .
  • They sang together.
  • They all have a huge passion for music.
  • They all dislike each other.
  • They can all sing
  • They all have known family on the show (Angie: The Castillo's, Priscila: Ludmila, Jade: Matías)


  • Jade and Priscila were/are antagonists but Angie ha always been a protagonist.
  • Priscilla has daughter Jade and Angie dont.
  • Priscila and Angie have blonde hair but Jade has black hair
  • Angie and Jade are married, but Priscila isn't.
  • Angie is blood-related to Violetta but Jade and Priscila aren't
  • Angie and Priscila have nieces/nephews (Angie: Violetta, Priscila: Napo) but Jade doesn't.
  • Angie and Jade have been kicked out of the Castillo household before whereas Priscila hasn't.
  • Angie and Jade works at the Studio, but Priscila doesn't.
  • Angie and Priscila know Ludmila but Jade doesn't
  • Priscila is part of Violetta's step-family, Angie is part of Violetta's blood family but Jade isn't related to Violetta at all
  • Jade and Angie have a sibling in some form whereas not much is known about Priscila's family.


  • They have sung Destinada A Brillar together

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