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Gelex Kiss
Characters Shipped

Gery and Alex (Clement)


Friends, dating


Leonetta, Alexetta

Portrayed by

Macarena Miguel and Damien Lauretta

Gelex (Ge/ry and A/lex) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Gery and Alex. They have a romantic relationship because in episode 60, season 3, they kissed.



  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both can play the piano.
  • Both are part of Studio On Beat, Alex is a student and Gery is Beto's assistant.
  • Both are good singers.
  • Both wanted to split up Leon and Violetta.


  • Alex has a crush on Violetta but Gery dislikes her.
  • Alex is French and Gery is Mexican.
  • Alex comes from a rich family, but Gery doesn't, since she needs money, due to the fact she's looking for a job.


  • Ironically, Gery asked Alex to help her split up Leon and Violetta, but while doing this she ended up falling in love with Alex and vice versa.
  • Leon teased Gery and said that she has a secret admirer (Alex), which made Gery think that the "secret admirer" is Leon.
  • Gery was the first of Alex's friends to know his real identity.


Song - The first Gelex song is Voy Por Ti because they sung it together. Another song could be Entre Tu y Yo because Alex sang it to Gery to cheer her up, then they share a kiss.

Episode - The Gelex episode could be episode 60 in season 3, because they shared their first kiss in this episode. The Gelex episode could also be episode 77 in season 3 because Gery finally developed feelings for Clemont.

Color - The Gelex color can possibly be red, because they usually are seen wearing red.

Place - The Gelex place can be the Studio On Beat, because they both are part of it. Another place could be Leon's garage, since Alex visit the band a lot and Gery usually come to their rehearsals.


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