Gabrelia (Gabr/iela and Am/elia) is the friendship pairing of Amelia and Gabriela. They are best friends and administradors.

Other Names




  • Both have Twitter accounts.
  • Both have accounts.
  • Both are Directioners, V-Lovers, Lovatics, Dovelies and Mixers.
  • Both ship Leonetta.
  • Both are good friends with Rachel, Francesca, Natalie and Violetta.
  • Both like I Didn't Do It and Liv and Maddie.
  • Both are administradors.
  • Both love to read.


  • Amelia is 16 and Gabriela is 15.
  • Amelia's an administrador on the Violetta Wiki and Gabriela's an administrador on the Violetta Fanon Wiki.
  • Amelia's birthday is May 17th and Gabriela's birthday is February 11th.
  • Amelia is Irish and Gabriela is American. 
  • Amelia lives in Ireland and Gabriela lives in Portugal.
  • Amelia's favorite character from Violetta is Ludmila Ferro and Gabriela's is Camila Torres.

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