Characters Shipped

Felipe and Naty




Naxi, Natletta, Nalena

Portrayed by

Alba Rico and Javi LQ

Feliaty is the Romantic/Friendship pairing between Felipe Diaz (Feli/pe) and Naty Vidal (N/aty).


Felipe was hired by U-mix to be the fake boyfriend of Ludmila Ferro, who is also Naty's best friend. But they end up having true feelings for each other. And after everything, Felipe has to leave.

Other Names

  • Natelipe (Nat/y and F/elipe)
  • Felaty (Fel/ipe and N/aty)
  • Natyelipe (Naty and F/elipe)
  • Nalipe (Na/ty and Fe/lipe)



  • Both are from Spain.
  • Both can sing.
  • Both kinda have a relationship with Ludmila.
  • Both can dance.
  • Both are friends, but kinda hates Ludmila


  • Felipe is blonde, while Naty's hair is color Black
  • Felipe has blue eyes, while Naty's are Hazel
  • Felipe hates Maxi, while Naty loves him
  • Felipe is a boy, while Naty is a girl


  • Felipe tried to kiss Naty, but Naty stopped him.
  • It is possible that Felipe wants to break up Naty and Maxi
  • Naty called Felipe perfect once


Song - Their song could be "Quiero" because when Felipe and Ludmila were singing this song, Felipe was looking at Naty. Their song could also be "Nuestro Camino" because when Violetta and Felipe were winging this singing this song, Felipe was smiling at Naty, this was also the time when Ludmila knew that Felipe has feeling for Naty. Another Feliaty song could be "Friends 'till the End" because Naty and Feilpe sang this song with Violetta, Francesca and Camila.

Episode - The pairing's episode could be Season 3, Episode 49 because that was the episode when Naty met Felipe.

Color - The pairing's color could be Black because they are mostly seen wearing Black.

Place - Their place could be The Castillo's House because that was the place when Naty first saw Felipe. Their place could also be Studio On Beat, because they are mostly seen their.


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