Characters Shipped

Francesca Caviglia and Federico


Good friends


Fedeletta, Franletta, Camcesca, Fedemila

Portrayed by

Lodovica Comello and Ruggero Pasquarelli

Fedesca (Fede/rico and France/sca) is the friendship pairing between Federico and Francesca Caviglia.

They are good friends and they like singing in Italian with each other very much. At first, Francesca had a crush on Federico, but he only sees her as a very good friend. However, they are very good friends and share have a lot in common.

For the real-life pairing between Ruggero Pasquarelli and Lodovica Comello, see Ruggovica.



Other Names

  • Franderico (Fran/cesca and Fe/derico)
  • Franerico (Fran/cesca and Fed/erico)
  • Frederico (Fr/ancesca and F/ederico)
  • Francerico (France/sca and Fede/rico)
  • Fedecesca (Fede/rico and Fran/cesca)
  • Federisca (Federi/co and France/sca)
  • Fecesca (Fe/derico and Fran/cesca)
  • Federica (Federic/o and Francesc/a)



  • Both are Italian.
  • Both can play the guitar and the piano.
  • Both are good friends with Violetta.
  • Both have participated in the reality show "Talents 21".
  • Both have a name that starts with the letter "F".
  • Both have a nickname made of four letters (Francesca - Fran, Federico - Fede).
  • Both used to have a crush on someone (Francesca- Tomás, Federico - Violetta).
  • Both were in love with someone who didn't feel the same way about them.
  • Both are currently dating someone (Francesca is dating Diego, Federico is dating Ludmila).
  • Both are friends with Maxi.


  • Federico thinks Luca is a cool guy, but Francesca doesn't like him because she says he embarrasses her.
  • Francesca attends the Studio more often than Federico.
  • Francesca has a sibling but Federico is an only child.
  • Federico loves Ludmila, but Francesca dislikes her.
  • Federico won "Talents 21", but Francesca didn't.
  • Francesca has black hair and Federico has brown hair.


  • When they first met, it is possible that Francesca had a little crush on Federico.
  • Francesca thinks Federico is an amazing singer.


Song - The Fedesca song is Vieni, Canta, the Italian version of Ven y Canta because they sung that song together, along with Luca.

Episode - The Fedesca episode would be episode 66 of season 1, because they sang "Vieni, Canta" together in that episode.

Color - The Fedesca color is black, because they both usually wear at least one black detail.

Place - The Fedesca place is Studio On Beat because they met at the Studio when Federico came as the exchange student that Pablo chose.


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