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Facundo Gambandé and Candelaria Molfese


Best Friends/ Possible Exs


Falba, Sandelaria, Candina, Lodelaria

Fandelaria (Fa/cundo and Ca/ndelaria) is the real-life friendship/romantic pairing between Facundo Gambandé and Candelaria Molfese.

They are best friends on the set of Violetta. They love each other very much and love spending time together on and off the set of Violetta.

For the pairing in the series of Camila Torres and Maxi Ponte, see Caxi.

Other Names

  • Fande (F/acu and C/ande)
  • Facundelaria (Facun/do and Can/delaria)
  • Facularia (Facu/ndo and Cande/laria)
  • Facundia (Facund/o and Candelar/ia)
  • Candecundo (Cande/laria and Fa/cundo)
  • Cundo (C/andelaria and Fac/undo)
  • Cando (Can/delaria and Facund/do)



  • Both have been special guest stars on the The U-Mix Show twice.
  • Both are Argentinean.
  • Both play a main character in Violetta
  • Their characters Camila and Maxi are best friends on the series too.
  • Both auditioned for Violetta on the exact same day.
  • Both love music.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both have dogs.
  • Both were working on Violetta en Vivo.
  • Both are close friends with Lodovica Comello.
  • Both are singers and actors.
  • Both have their birthdays in January.
  • Both are in relationship.


  • Facundo is 25, Candelaria is 23.
  • Facundo has black hair, and Candelaria has reddish hair.
  • Candelaria is from Buenos Aires, and Facundo is from Córdoba.
  • Facundo is a boy and Candelaria is a girl.
  • Facundo is dating Naty in the program and Candelaria is dating Broduey.


  • A lot of the photos on their Twitter pages are of them together, and there are a lot of their tweets to each other that say "I love you".
  • According to an interview, they first met each other at the casting for Violetta.
  • Facundo said that he had a surprise for Candelaria on his Facebook account.
  • Facundo called Candelaria "Princess" once.
  • Facundo gave Candelaria a mini statue of his dog, Albus.
  • When the cast visited an aquarium, Facu shot a video with Cande. If you listen to the final part of the video, Cande said that she felt like a mermaid in the aquarium and then Facu said that she's his mermaid.
  • They received a stuffed porcupine from a fan and they take it with them every time they go somewhere.
  • They went to the beach together in Easter days.
  • On Cande's Twitter page Facu posted that he was bored in the airport and Cande replied with "I miss you."
  • It is possible that they dated and if they did they broke up in late 2014 coming near to 2015


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