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Diego Hernández and Violetta Castillo




Leonetta, Diemila, Fedeletta, Diecesca

Portrayed by

Diego Domínguez and Martina Stoessel

Dieletta (Die/go and Vio/letta) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Diego Hernández and Violetta Castillo.

They were dating for a long time in season 2, however they broke up because Diego and Ludmila had a plan to ruin Violetta and make her leave the studio, but, later in the series, Diego starts to develop real feelings for Violetta. After Violetta found out about their plan, she was heartbroken and broke up with Diego.

For the real-life pairing between Diego Domínguez and Martina Stoessel, see Dietini.


At the beginning of Season 2, Violetta didn't like Diego and she thought he was very annoying, but later, they become friends. After León broke up with Violetta, she started hanging out with Diego more and more, and then they finally start dating. However, Diego had a secret plan with Ludmila to destroy Violetta and to make her leave the Studio.

As Violetta and Diego get to know each other better, Diego starts to develop real feelings for Violetta, and he finally falls in love with her, this time for real. However, Diego's past catches up with him in the final episodes of Season 2, when Violetta finds out about Diego's treachery and breaks up with him, much to his dismay.

Other Names

  • Diegetta (Dieg/o and Viol/etta)
  • Dioletta (D/iego and V/ioletta)
  • Diegletta (Dieg/o and Vio/letta)
  • Diletta (Di/ego and Vio/letta)
  • Viego (V/ioletta and D/iego)
  • Vioego (Vio/letta and Di/ego)
  • Violiego (Viol/etta and D/iego)
  • Violettiego (Violett/a and D/iego)



  • Both have been to Madrid, Spain.
  • Both currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Both attend Studio On Beat.
  • Both can play the piano.
  • Both are winners of YouMix's dance contest.
  • Both can sing very well.
  • Both tried to convince Francesca's father to let Francesca stay in Argentina.
  • Both have lived in Madrid, Spain.
  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both sang Yo Soy Así and Euforia together.
  • Both are an only child.
  • Both loved each other


  • Diego is Ludmila's best friend and Violetta is her step-sister.
  • Diego is Spanish and Violetta is Argentinean.
  • Violetta has been a student at Studio On Beat longer than Diego.
  • Violetta is a good person, but Diego can sometimes be mean.
  • Diego is a boy, Violetta is a girl.


  • Diego wrote the chorus of "Hoy Somos Más" for Violetta.
  • They sang "Yo Soy Así" and "Euforia" together.
  • León gets very jealous when he sees them together.
  • Diego once referred Violetta to a Princess/Cinderella and him to Prince Charming.


Song - The Dieletta song could be Hoy Somos Más because they both worked on that song. Another Dieletta song is Yo Soy Así because Diego wrote it for Violetta and they both sung it at the show, and after they sang the song, Violetta tripped and fell into Diego's arms and he kissed her.

Episode - The Dieletta episode could be episode 20 because they had their first kiss in that episode, even though that Diego forced Violetta into kissing him. The episodes 39 and 40 are also Dieletta episodes because they had their second and third kisses in those episodes, and after that, they started dating.

Color - The Dieletta color could be violet, because violeta (violet in Spanish) is the same as the name of Violetta.

Place - The Dieletta place would probably be Studio On Beat since they spend a lot of time there together and they're both students there.

Boss - The Dieletta boss would be Ludmila because she and Diego came up with a plan to destroy Violetta and Diego had to pretend to be in love with Violetta.


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