Castillo House
Castillo House


Violetta Castillo Germán Castillo and María Saramego


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Castillo House is the house of Violetta Castillo, Germán Castillo and Violetta's death mother Maria. It is also the place were Olga (the maid), Ramallo (Germans assistant) and Angie (Violetta's Aunt and tutor) work.


It was mentioned in the first episodes that it was Violetta's childhood home, she live there, with her dad and her late mother, until her mother passed away. Violetta and Germán returned to the house just before Violetta turned 17. Since that, Violetta has been living there.

Room in the house

  • Violetta's bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Germán's office
  • Living room
  • The attic
  • Guest bed room (only mentioned)
  • Angie's room
  • Ludmila's room
  • Bathroom
  • Germán's room



  • Federico lives in the house when he's in Buenos Aires.
  • Esmeralda stayed when she was dating German. Her daughter Ambar also lived there for a couple of days.
  • All of Maria's stuff are in the attic at the house 
  • Violetta plays the piano alot there
  • All of the students from the Studio have been to the Castillo house
  • One time there was grasshoppers at their house, which Ludmila planted.
  • It is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Ludmila released fleas to stop Violetta from getting any sleep one night.
  • Priscila used to live there when she was dating Germán.

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