Carla Hernández

Full Name

Carla Caviglia Hernández


Carly (by Stella)
Carl (by Maria and Mora)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Brunette (natural color) , Brunette with blonde tips


Francesca Cavigila (mother) Diego Hernández (brother) Carlo Caviglia (grandfather) Luca Caviglia (uncle) Carla Hernández (grandmother) Gregorio Casal (grandfather)


Maria Vargas (best friend)
Stella Poggioli (enemy ( / best friend)
Mora Torres (best friend)
Sofia Luiza Papra (best friend)


Studio On Beat


Lucas (former crush/ex-boyfriend)
Ivan Carnes (boyfriend)

Caviglia Carla Hernández and future daughter Francesca and Diego their child higher. Her appearance much like her mother and little Diego, but her personality is exactly Francesca. Carla is that I glumeata as Diego and very friendly, kind and would do anything for her best friends.

Character History

Early Years

After his marriage to Diego and Francesca, Francesca became pregnant and gave birth to their first child is a girl named Carla Hernández. She started to be very girl of six years and has peaks at 17 blonde painted in memory of his mother Fausta disguise. She goes Studio On Beat with Luiza and Mora. She wrote a song called ,, Only three "when he learned of Maria Luiza and the remaining pa anthem song of their friendship. She falls in love with Lucas and both admit that they like each other and so form a couple, but in the end it Try to kiss and tell but comes Luiza '' - Stop! "He says he does not love her anymore. Finally she remains friends with Lucas but he actually goes to Spain.

In the second year it returns to Studio very mature and with a new look, a blonde straight hair and strands disappeared. She falls for Ivan Carnes and will eventually be together but she has to go to Italy to start her career but Diego and Francesca understands and leave to remain in Buenos Aires, but last year returns to Studio red hair, and with a bow in hair exactly like her mother, but she and Ivan will break because he must leave his parents naturalii but she sees that he has feelings for Louise's ex-boyfriend named Mario Snop but they a secret relationship and finally to learn all Luiza and is very disappointed that Carla did not say, but in the end she gets along with Luiza and remains with Mario.

Trivia EDIT

  • She rarely wear jeans and heels.
    • Carla , Lucas argued with Stella.
    • She loves to wear white, pink, red and blue.
  • Once he fell down the stairs because of Stella.
  • Carla likes to hear sing her father.
  • Carla is very girly as it used to be when she was 6 years.
  • Her first song is called ,, Your touch ''.

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