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Camila Torres and Francesca Caviglia


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Vamila, Franletta, Caxi, Fraxi, Marcesca

Camcesca is the friendship pairing of Francesca Caviglia and Camila Torres.

They're best friends, along with Violetta and Maxi.

For the real life pairing of Lodovica Comello and Candelaria Molfese, see Lodelaria.


In the beginning, Francesca and Camila were best friends, along with Maxi, and now also with Violetta, even though Francesca was very jealous of Violetta in the beginning. They became rivals for some time, because they both were in love with Broduey, but they agreed that they would never let a boy come in between their friendship.

Other names

  • Franmila (Fran/cesca and Ca/mila)



  • They both attend Studio On Beat.
  • Both dislike Ludmila.
  • Both dislike Gregorio.
  • Both weren't picked for Gregorio's special group.
  • Both were a part of the songs Código Amistad and Algo Suena En Mi.
  • Both are best friends with Maxi and Violetta.
  • Both can sing and dance very well.
  • Both are dating someone (Francesca is dating Diego, Camila is dating Broduey).
  • Both have been working at Resto Band for some time.
  • Both were sad when Francesca had to leave for Italy.
  • Both were sad when Violetta had to leave for Qatar.


  • Francesca is Italian and Camila is Argentinean.
  • Francesca has a sibling, but it's unknown if Camila has any.
  • Francesca has black hair and Camila has red hair.
  • Francesca was picked for Talents 21, but Camila wasn't.
  • Camila saw Violetta as a friend straight away, but Francesca did not.


  • Francesca and Camila was Violetta's first real friends.


Song - The Camcesca song could be Algo Suena En Mi, because they both worked on that, along with Maxi.

Episode TBA

Color - The Camcesca color could be blue, because they're both often seen wearing something blue.

Place - The Camcesca place is Studio On Beat, since they both are students there and they're usually seen together there.


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