• Violetta01


    August 23, 2017 by Violetta01

    I'm here first time and so i do not know how to blog!!! But i try to make sure that he was interesting) The second entry is likely to be released tonight or tomorrow! 

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  • Ael9907


    May 28, 2017 by Ael9907
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  • Gmwbmw44

    At the Loud House - Luna's bedroom: 

    Lisa: Hey, Luna, I did what you recommended and signed up for Studio: On Beat! Granted there isn't a lot of science there - but being in a house with you, I figured I'd inherit the singing gene! 

    Luna: That's great sis! Did you get accepted? 

    Lisa opened up her e-mail and a new message from Studio On Beat arrived.

    It said, "Lisa Loud, you've got accepted into Studio: On Beat! Congratulations! You are invited to the airport for a plane to take you to Buenos Aries, Argentina!" 

    Lisa stopped. Buenos Aries? This is not what I had in mind, she thought confused.

     Luna: Lisa, how will you be able to do your school science fair? I figured you had a project already made? 

    Lisa: I'll think of something... Maybe I'll make n…

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  • Bugkid21

    Love studio 21

    April 10, 2017 by Bugkid21

    I Love Studio on beat and someday i hope to oneday be accepted in studio on beat

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  • Indialissev

    love you

    August 11, 2016 by Indialissev

    i love you

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  • Mickala2015

    Violetta and Leon

    April 24, 2016 by Mickala2015

    Is there going to be a Violetta 4 ?

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  • Violettaxo1


    December 8, 2015 by Violettaxo1
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  • Rachell17


    December 1, 2015 by Rachell17

    hey guys i love violetta a im a big fan of violetta show o movie

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  • Francesca14601

    Anyway...I'm a girl, and not lesbian (neither bisexual). I'm just posting this because YOLO! Girls can judge whether other girls are hot or not!

    10. Candelaria Molfese

    9. Mercedes Lambre

    8. Martina Stoessel

    7. Lodovia Comello

    6. Florencia Benitez

    5. Valeria Baroni

    4. Carla Pandolfi

    3. Alba Rico

    2. Valentina Frione

    1. Clara Alonso

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  • Vivi6464

    Здравей ТЕ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Аз съм Админ на тази страница !!!!!

    и аз съм фен на Мартина и на другите !!!!

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  • Geekymisty13

    Violetta 3

    October 27, 2015 by Geekymisty13

    When is violetta 3 coming out i am so nervous i just want to see what happenss.....

    Also i want to know if violetta is comin on netflex and if its in english(ik that it kindashould be in english cause its meant to be but in the s i thinks its in spanishhhh)

    why does it have to take so long????

    BTW who has senn violetta 2 episode 63?

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  • Chiaraza1989
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  • Violetlover1234


    August 25, 2015 by Violetlover1234

    Dear Users of this Wiki

    I have done something really bad, which i regret, so some of you might already know that i created two fake accounts of the same user AlbaRico79 and Disney566666, the reason why i did it was because i didn't want this Wiki to be closed down, since i enjoy this wiki and its the wiki where  have reached the most edits which i have achieved my goal 2000 edits.Well i guess someone of you might HATE me or be thinking why would she do something like that why would she be so stupid well i guess i am. I deserve to be BLOCKED here. But i just want to apologies for everything that i have done and i hope you all can forgive.



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  • Francesca14601


    August 20, 2015 by Francesca14601

    Spider-verse has come to Violetta! Now everyone is a web-slinger!

    • Violetta is Spider-Letta
    • Leon is Spider-Leo
    • Ludmila is Tarant-Nova!
    • Diego is Spidie-Go
    • Francesca is Spidey-Fran
    • Camila is Cami-Spider
    • Maxi is Spider-Max
    • Naty is Spider-Nat
    • Angie is Angie-Spidey
    • Olga is Olga-Bites!
    • Ramallo is Rama-Spider
    • Herman is Arachni-Daddy
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  • V-lover4ever12


    August 16, 2015 by V-lover4ever12

    Hi my name is Melissa and i love Violetta.Why you ask because i love music and drama.Violetta has all of this music,drama,love,friendship and a tiny bit of magic.That's all for today i know that it was short but this is my first blog post .

    Bye And Remember ALWAYS LOVE VIOL

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  • Rachelkawaii

    50 things I love!

    August 6, 2015 by Rachelkawaii

    So this list is about 50 things that I love! And yes, I'm bored

    1. Sleeping
    2. Shopping
    3. Eating
    4. Travelling
    5. Dancing
    6. Singing
    7. Acting
    8. Listening to music
    9. Cute accents
    10. Summer
    11. Brazil
    12. South America
    13. Dulce de Leche (if you don't know what it is, is an South American caramel cream made by condensed milk)
    14. Brigadeiros (a Brazilian candy made by condensed milk, cocoa and butter)
    15. CISV
    16. Learning new languages
    17. MainStreet
    18. Netherlands (especially Amsterdam)
    19. Skiing
    20. Boys with beautiful eyes
    21. Swimming in a swimming pool
    22. Taking photos
    23. Skyping with Em
    24. Tumblr
    25. Fashion
    26. Cupcakes
    27. Green Day
    28. Imagine Dragons
    29. Lullabies (a thing we do in CISV)
    30. Energizers (again, a CISV thing)
    31. Rock music
    32. Partying
    33. Reading
    34. Ice skating
    35. Watching movies
    36. Netflix marathons
    37. Going to a larger city (like Copenhagen, Berlin or Hamburg)
    38. Going on CI…
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  • Lubi Stoessel

    Love Tini

    August 5, 2015 by Lubi Stoessel

    Tini eres mi vida! Lo eres todo para mi!! Me gustaria por un momento para ver realimente!.. Sin detenerme fascinado. Gracias por ser una persona tan maravillosa!

    Muy bonito y tener un sentido de la moda!!!Sin amargo, su modelo increible!!!Te quiero mucho y no dejar nunca!!!Me encanta su estilo, y usted mismo!!!

    • Su magnifica!
    • Su sonrisa es contagiosa!!!

    Con cada dia que pasa se hace mas hermoso!!!


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  • Nyasha.chigodora.5


    August 2, 2015 by Nyasha.chigodora.5

    waitin for it stil stil stil waiting

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  • Martina.Jones

    I'm back!

    August 2, 2015 by Martina.Jones

    I was inactive for a long time. Because of some important things. And I came back now! 

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  • Rachelkawaii

    In this blog post, I'll tell who my favorite artists are by century (from 60's-today)


    • The Beatles


    • Queen
    • John Lennon


    • Michael Jackson


    • Nirvana
    • Oasis
    • Deep Blue Something
    • Beastie Boys


    • Green Day
    • Coldplay
    • Eminem


    • Charli XCX
    • Imagine Dragons
    • Mainstreet
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  • Francesca14601

    Violetta is clearly narrated with Violetta's POV. Now what happens if it is Leon's POV? I wrote this based on the episodes of Violetta, but part of it is invented...

    Chapter 1: A New Guy, A Song

    I was sleeping peacefully, dreaming about a sweet melody, but then suddenly, that melody was replaced by my phone's ring. I opened my eyes and reached my phone. It was Ludmila, my girlfriend who is calling. I didn't wanted to answer her, but something tells me it was important, so I attended her.

    - Lion!

    - What?

    - You should be ready!

    - For what?

    - Um, hello? Remember that stupid assignment that Pablo gave us so we get to work with those mediocre?

    - Yeah?

    - Come on, Lion! Wake up! We have to be ready! We need to show them who is the supernova here!

    - You?

    - E…

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  • Naxinator

    Lost Stars-Chapter 1

    July 19, 2015 by Naxinator

    ~Author's Note~

    *first I'll explain- Every Chapters are different POV's,,,,, probably

    ~End of Author's Note~


    It's 7:34 in the morning, and all of us are in Angie's class except for for Leon and her girlfriend. I wonder what happened to those nuckle heads. I am sitting beside my boyfriend, and I know that I need to show him that I love him more than my ex-boyfriend, but the question is, do I? I don't know if I do, the only thing I know is that I am with him and I love him.

    Leon and Lara, his girlfriend, are lucky that Angie is not yet here, they are not yet late, but I should really stop thinking about them and I should talk to my boyfriend more.

    "Hey" I smile at him and he smiles back, "what are you doing?"

    "I was actually waiting …

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  • RabidDisneyWeirdo


    July 18, 2015 by RabidDisneyWeirdo

    It's amazing what you can find online.

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  • Francesca14601

    This is only a fanon story!

    The myth of the locker is myth created by several generations of students of the Studio On Beat/21 about the mysterious locker that was never opened or should never be opened.

    For years, the Studio On Beat/21 has received a lot of students from other countries, and the first student from other country to come was W. BOITF. It was unknown from what country he came from since he never revealed it. This guy W was bullied by the other students because of his strange accent. W doesn't have any friends, he tended to talk with a ghost that resides in the Studio. The ghost told him that when he was alive, he loved music very much and he had the desire to study music, but sadly, he was murdered along with his family. His h…

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  • Francesca14601

    A New Generation, A Song is the first episode of my futuristic Violetta fanon. This episode take place in the future days of 2035...

    (Inside Maria's room)

    Maria: (filming a picture) So you think that this will start in an airport? Forget it! That's only a picture of me and my family in an airport ready for our vacation in Mexico, my father's country. And yes, those are my parents, Violetta Castillo and Leon Vargas, you must know them from the beginning. Oh, see that little genius and that adorable baby? Well, those are my brothers, Miguel and Victor. And as you can see...

    Miguel: (knocks the door) Dinner!

    Maria: And as you can see...

    Miguel: Right now!

    Maria: Okay! I'll do it quick so as you see this isn't a video diary, I'm just doing it for fu…

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  • Francesca14601

    Hey guys!!! I've been thinking about write a fanon, something that happens right now, not in the future days of 2035...

    This fanon take place in 2016, a year after the graduation of Violetta and her friends. Violetta nor anybody will appear in this one, this story is told by a new student that is going to attend the Studio On Beat. 

    Note: The main character's name is Luna...and don't ask about it...

    It was the same suffocating scene of being in the school and right in the middle of the History class where 45% of the students are sleeping, 50% are doing something else and 5% of them are actually paying attention. Why they have to put this boring subject in the last hour of the last day of the last weeks of school? It's just complicated and bor…

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  • Naxinator

    New Fanfic!

    July 10, 2015 by Naxinator

    I am going to make a new fanfic called "Lost Stars." 


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  • Francesca14601

    I'm just too crazy with the idea of in the future there will be a Violett sequel where the story goes on with their children. I was inspired with this idea after watching like the whole season of Girl Meets World and like 50 episodes of Boy Meets World. I think that idea was pretty cool if in the future the cast is reunited again with some certain twist that we never expected...

    For those one who has read my previous blog Now that Violetta is over... This is kind off the continuation of my fanon pages because I'm too lazy with creating tons of characters and pages...

    So yeah...the story take place in 2035

    • She's daughter of Nicolas Galan and Jade LaFontaine.
    • She's named Gabrielle because she was born on December 25.
    • Her middle is Amatista (Ameth…

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  • ViOlEtTavIoLeTtA


    July 5, 2015 by ViOlEtTavIoLeTtA

    Hello I'd write a blog,

    Yes I love this series

    it's so cool. I'm from Germany, I do not wonder so use the Google translator.

    is my favorite absoulute series. We (in Germany) are just at the start of season 2. Well that's it! bye Bye

    Oh and that's is my Create User picture that's is from That's Picture=

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  • Francesca14601

    Hey guys! Just too boring and listening to English Violetta songs...

    Only you know what lies in your heart It's okay to find yourself In the magic under shooting stars You can say it's like a spell

    And no matter what may come my way I keep looking for myself In the colors that my life may paint Here inside my fairy tale

    We're chasing dreams just like all others They are my sisters They are my brothers I hear a voice saying just go further There is a place there for us

    Go where the whispers send you Go where there is not end to All of the things I can do Life is a miracle

    Go where the whispers send you Go where there is not end to All of the things I can do Life is a miracle now

    Life is a miracle now...

    And it's true that what goes up comes down B…

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  • Francesca14601

    Special thanks to Lolli, who has helped me in this crazy storyline. I've edited and compilated it here. Hope you enjoy it. 

    Ludmila: (turns) Who are you? You sounds familiar. Do I know you?

    Strange hooded man: It was years ago, you knew me, but now you might not.

    Ludmila: Just give me a name

    Strange hooded man: Sorry. I didn't come here to give names

    Ludmila: Then what's your purpose? Are you...are you from Spain?

    Strange hooded man: do you know that?

    Ludmila: Your accent, dummy!

    Strange hooded man: Yeah, right. Gotta go. Bye!

    Federico: Hold on. You sounds familiar too. Do I know you?

    ​Strange hooded man: We've met before. Had a few good times, but mostly bad.

    Federico: Why are you so negative?

    ​Strange hooded man: A girl tore me apart...


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  • Francesca14601

    For those one that is roleplaying...Here I'll explain with details the heck is happening...

    After the sudden return of Tomas, everyone is divided into three groups. There's the group of Tomas (Comebacks), the group of Ludmila (Crusaders) and the group of Priscilla (Cops).

    The Comebacks consist of all characters that didn't "survived" until season 3 finale.

    The Crusaders consist of those ones who has "survived" until season 3 finale.

    The Cops are all those ones that keep the peace and justice.

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  • Leonetta1907


    June 29, 2015 by Leonetta1907
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  • Francesca14601

    Hey guys! I've been around writting my story and at the same time fantasizing about Maria Vargas 's (my fanon character, you can see the page by clicking her name) own comic book named "Black Star and Rusher". Both Black Star and Rusher are name of characters in my story, but this Black Star and this Rusher created for my fanon character Maria doesn't have anything to see with the same that appears in my story (which will be available on Wattpad). I've been thinking of Maria's version of Black Star and Rusher comics and I actually liked the idea of this story. I'll start with the origins of each character

    Black Star, also known as Mary Veron (the initials are actually the same as Maria Vargas), is an alien of Sterrlian race, also known as "…

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  • Francesca14601

    Violetta is already a telenovela but in junior type (for children). Want to know what would Violetta become if it's a classic telenovela (the ones for adults)?

    Sorry, too much explicit content. Cannot post it here...

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  • Leonetta1907


    Season Three:History

    Leon and Violetta loved each other endlessly but things got complicated between them and they decided to break up. However, Violetta realized that she needed Leon and couldn't live without him. She wanted to get back with him but she was afraid he didn't want the same. She felt Leon was going far from her and was getting closer to Gery, a girl who had a crush on Leon. So, she disguised as a girl called Roxy to spy on Leon along with Francesca who was disguised as Fausta. She befriended Leon who immediately felt a connection with her, unaware that she was Violetta. As time went by, Violetta as Roxy, began to love what she had with Leon and Leon started to fall in love with Roxy. Violetta knew that was wrong but s…

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  • Leonetta1907


    Season Two:History

    After Tomas' departure to Spain, Violetta realized that Leon is the one she truly loved. She wanted to get back with him but Leon didn't want to because Violetta had said the year before that she wanted to be alone. But they eventually got back together after Violetta confessed her feelings to Leon. However, their happiness was short-lived as soon after their reconciliation, Diego, a boy who had a crush on Violetta, created misunderstandings between the two love birds and they broke up. Leon got closer to Lara, his mechanic at the motocross track, and they fell in love. They started dating while Violetta began dating Diego. But Leon and Violetta still loved each other and couldn't stop thinking about each other. L…

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  • Leonetta1907


    Season One:History

    Leon and Violetta were two completely different individuals in that season. While Leon was arrogant, conceited and full of himself, Violetta was kind, friendly and nice. When Leon and Violetta met for the first time, they barely knew each other. Leon wanted to win Violetta's heart to make Tomas, a boy Violetta had a crush on, jealous because he thought Tomas was trying to steal his ex-girlfriend, Ludmila, when the two were still dating. But as time went by, Leon fell deeply in love with Violetta. The latter however did not feel anything for him and saw him just as a friend. This hurt Leon but he never gave up and was still determined to win Violetta's heart. Leon's love for Violetta changed him into a better perso…

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  • Francesca14601

    Ok, I dunno what to say in this one. I'm super stressful and crazy because it's the season of exams. I'm just bloggin' to let 'em out...I'll be writtin' about anything so I'll appreciate if you really gonna read it. Thank you! 

    I closed my eyes and I teleported to my own world, a Wonderland that is located inside my mind. I crazy but perfect world appeared right in front of my eyes. Iron Man was there, he was buying a cotton candy. I walked to him and say hello. I looked to his face again, it was Bucky inside the armor, not Tony Stark. I kept walking until I bump into Harry Potter. He wore a Quidditch uniform and he seemed to be in a hurry. I wanted to say hi, but since he was running like a bull that is about to stab the red point with its…

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  • Sevvalmurat


    June 20, 2015 by Sevvalmurat

    murat  boz fanıyın seelenators ve violetta yı seviyorum ama telefizyonda izleyemiyorum

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  • Chiaraza1989

    Cari amici mie siede antati al mare sabato matina ale ore 8 e site ritornate domenica pomeriggio ale ore 6 ... siete molto contenti di andare al mare .. un altra volta mi portate al mare ! andiamo tutti al mare ! poi sono venuti al bar e poi sono antati a prentere un gelato al marameo !? buona notte ! Amore mio love you! pingu e marco mirco nicola ! e midico soride fantastico mio ragazzo andrea siete tutti scotati e amprosanti e tanto il sole : avete messo tanta chema! tutta la chema!? ..... buonanotte un bacino .. da chiara ! fintansata! love amore mio un bacione grosso ! de soro mio ?! love yuo! andiamo tutti al mare! mi portade con me ! al mare ! speriamo! ... 

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  • Francesca14601

    Just took the quiz of "How Cinderella are you?" and my if we're twinsies...

    I want to dedicate this blog about what similarities do I have with the 12 Disney princesses...

    • We hate that creepy old lady that gave us that freaking apple...

    • We just can't bear our sisters.
    • We have a doggie!!!

    • We sleep...and a lot

    • We have legs...

    • We're book eaters
    • We have brown hair

    • Seriously, dunno what to tell

    • We are WILD!!!
    • We speak to trees (sort of)

    • We can handle a sword (I'm serious, I'm really good at fencing) 
    • We are kind off related to Ming-Na Wen (Mulan is voiced my Ming-Na and I'm her fan :D)
    • We ain't looking for a boyfriend during a trip.
    • We're warriors.
    • We have a grandma that always think of us in the best way.
    • We have a doggie!!!
    • I'm pretty sure …

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  • Rowbrina


    June 7, 2015 by Rowbrina

    Hi Guys! so I'm new to wikia and I don't know many things about to edit. I know my question is silly but I want anyone of the admins to help me. I create an Fanon Character a while ago but when I saved it the infobox didn't appear and the image also. Please I need some help, Thank you all!! xx.

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  • Francesca14601


    May 31, 2015 by Francesca14601

    This is part of my private sci-fi novel Uncannies. Enjoy it!

    It was a quiet first week, well, they said so. After 30 fights and now another one, none of them has agreed. Lincoln was there, in the table where they are supposed to have dinner, watching 8 teenagers, 4 girls and 4 boys fighting. The truth is, he didn't wanted to do anything with it, he just watched what the youngsters were doing and wait for its end.

    - Come on, Maya! Admit it! I like Big Time Rush, that's why you chose Rusher as your codename - Shouted Gabriel, he was mocking Maya.

    - Of course not! I don't like any of them. That isn't my type of music, I listen to electronic music. What about you? Any name?

    - Of course! I'm Lion-Man! -Suddenly, the boy disappears, and instead of a…

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  • Francesca14601

    First mission

    May 30, 2015 by Francesca14601

    Hello members of the Dark Team! You got your first mission! You have to write a fanon Violetta episode that ends with an unpredictable twist, an end where readers have to say: What the (censored) happened?!?! You have 5 days to do it (today until Wednesday, June 3). You can write it in a page or a blog if you want, just post the link in the comment. There will be a poll and you'll vote for your favorite episode!

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  • Rachelkawaii

    The Dark Team!

    May 28, 2015 by Rachelkawaii

    This is the Dark Team. If you wanna join, you need to fill in an application.


    Dark Team name:

    Magic power:

    Pizza, ice cream or french fries:

    3 things to bring with you on a mission:


    Username: Rachelkawaii

    Dark Team name: The Dark Princess

    Magic power: The ability to be invisible

    Pizza, ice cream or french fries: Starting with pizza, then fries, and ending with Ice Cream

    3 things to bring with you on a mission: Ruggero Pasquarelli, some food and a knife

    Join, if you dare..........

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  • Leonetta1907

    "The enchantment came to an end by a true love's kiss."

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  • Leonetta1907

    "Whenever she's sad, he will fight with the world to end her sadness."

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  • Simona swaggerlikeus

    hello guys i love tini and jorge but i learned a bad news that they were not dating eachother!!!!!!!!!!!1

    and jorge is in love with stephie camarena 

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