“An Act Of Love, A Song”
Season 1, Episode 2
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A New Girl, a Song


A Return, a Song

An Act Of Love, A Song is the Second Episdoe of Violetta Season 1.

The episode An Act Of Love, a Song was made by Unknown 


Federico overhears Pablo and António talking about expelling Ludmila from the Studio because of her rudeness and bad behaviour, but he walks into the room and convinces them to let Ludmila stay a little longer. If her behaviour improves, Ludmila can stay as long as she wants, but if it doesn't, she will get expelled. Later on, Federico tries to tell Ludmila that she has to start being nice to people but she gets mad and shouts at him to leave her alone. Federico is annoyed that she said that to him after he saved her from getting expelled and leaves the room. Ludmila doesn't realize what Federico did for her until later when she overhears Pablo and Beto talking about it. She realizes what a terrible mistake she made by fighting with Federico and she runs off to find him and apologize. While she's looking for Federico, Ludmila bumps into León and he notices how shaken Ludmila looks, so he asks her what's wrong. She quickly blurts out an apology for how she's always been mean to him and tried to break up his relationship with Violetta. León is very shocked by this. He tries to ask Ludmila why she's saying this but she rushes off before he can say another word.

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