Alice Rodriguez
Full Name

Alicia Joy Rodriguez


Alice (by everyone)
A.J. (by Jasmine)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Blonde with pink highlights


Teresa Valdez (mother)
Eric Rodriguez (father)
Daniela Rodriguez (sister)


Jasmine (best friend)
Violetta Castillo
Francesca Caviglia
Camila Torres
Natalia Vidal


Alicia Joy "Alice" Rodriguez is a girl from Buenos Aires who just joined the Studio. She is half American and half Argentinean. She is a very peppy girl and has a big passion for music. She is 14-years-old.


Alice is a very hyper and peppy girl who loves music, bands, animals and is always smiling. She was born in Buenos Aires and currently attends Studio On Beat. She has made a nor of friends and no enemies in her life. She is very polite and nice and loves helping people. She also has a best friend names Jasmine.


  • She is half Argentinean and half American.
  • She was born in Chicago, grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Buenos Aires with her mom and sister.
  • Her parents are divorced.
  • She is very peppy and is always smiling.
  • She can play the guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums.
  • Her favorite color is purple, but she also likes pink.
  • She has deep pink highlights in her hair.
  • She has long and wavy hair.
  • She doesn't like being called by her full name.
  • Daniela, her sister, always dresses with her clothes and uses her make-up when she isn't at home.
  • When she was 10, she moved to Buenos Aires.
  • Alice's favorite food is pizza.

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