Characters Shipped

Alex and Violetta Castillo


Close friends, crushes


Leonetta, Dieletta, Fedeletta and Gelex

Portrayed by

Damien Lauretta and Martina Stoessel

 Alexetta (Alex and Viol/etta) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Alex (Clement) and Violetta Castillo.

Alex and Violetta are great friends once Alex wanted to kiss Violetta but Leon and Gery were coming Violetta sees Alex as a friend but he really likes her and want's to be with her but she doesn't feel the same.Alex and Gery had a plan on making sure that Violetta and Leon don't get back together so that Alex can date Violetta and Gery can date Leon but it didn't turn out to be the way they planned it.


When Alex first came to the Studio, Violetta considered him as a friend but Alex had a huge crush on her and wanted to be with her but Violetta didn't feel the same she only loves León and wants to be with him. Alex and Gery had a plan on making sure that Violetta and Leon wouldn't get back together but their plan didn't work In Episode 60 of Violetta 3 Leon and Violetta kissed when Violetta was singing Descurbi and also shared a kiss and in the same Episode Alex and Gery shared a kiss because Alex had no intreast in Violetta anymore because he knew she only wanted to be with Leon.

Other Names

  • Aletta (Al/ex and Viol(etta)
  • Vex (V/ioletta and A/lex)



  • They both are friends on Leon 
  • They both live in Argentina.
  • They both have lost their mothers.
  • They both can play the piano.
  • They both can sing really good.
  • Both had/have to keep it a secret about studying on the Studio On Beat.


  • Violetta has blonde hair and Alex has Brown hair.
  • Alex is from France and Violetta is from Argentina 
  • Alex is friends with Gery but Violetta is not 
  • Alex is a boy and Violetta is a girl
  • Violetta has been at Studio On Beat much longer than Alex
  • Alex wants to be with Violetta but she doesn't want to be with him


  • They were about share their first kiss, but then León and Gery came.


Song - The Alexetta song is En Gira beacuse they often sing and dance to it.

Episode - The Alexetta episode could be episode 39 of season 3 because they were about to share their first kiss but then Gery and León came.

Color - Alexetta color could be pink or red because they are often seen were those colours.

Place - The Alexetta palce could be Studio On Beat because they both attend that school another place could be the park beacuse they often seen there.

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