A Wedding, A song is a fanon episode written by Francesca14601. This episode take place in the future days of the year 2035. This episode is the continuation of A Family Reunion, A song.


Following by the previous episode, the plane that Robert and Federico boarded has landed in London. Robert fianceé, who is revealed to be Camila Torres was waiting for him in the airport. Federico secretly followed them but ended up lost in the middle of the airport. He called Ludmila to tell her what he saw, then Ludmila called Violetta and the news is expanded all over.

Federico went to a bar in the airport to look for Robert's address. He couldn't find any address with the name Robert Angioli, but when he put Agent Robin 007 (Robert's childhood codename) all personal information of Robert appears. Federico took a taxi and reached Robert's house.

Federico tried to watch what was happening through the window, but since the house has a super-mega-hyper security system, he was discovered right at the moment he walked through the front yard. Robert was very happy with the presence of Federico, but he said that it wasn't too necessary because they have re-scheduled the wedding and moved it to next week because Camila wanted to get married in Argentina and live there.

Meamwhile, in Argentina, people receive the news and prepare a wedding. Violetta even invited some of their old friends that aren't in Argentina like Francesca, Diego, Marco and Tomas. Back in London, Robert and Federico spend the resting days meeting the city.

A week later, everyone prepared to go to Argentina. To make a surprise, Violetta and her friends came to the airport to welcome them. As the wedding's preparation goes on, Maria met Diego Hernández, one of Violetta's old friend and ex-boyfriend.

The episode ends with Camila and Robert's wedding and Violetta finding out that Maria and Diego were gone.

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