“A Step, A Song”
Season 1, Episode 011
Episode Guide

A Mighty Med, A Song

A Step, A Song is the 11th episode of Violetta. It is a two hour crossover with The Next Step.


Everyone goes to a Dance Studio called The Next Step. Everyone from The Next Step try to hide Everyone from Studio On Beat from the Elite dancers. Meanwhile, Francesca and Diego are being followed by this mysterious person, who looks very familiar.


Eldon and Thalia are dancing together when Kate walks in and asks where everyone is. Eldon and Thalia say they don't know then everyone comes in smiling, except Michelle who looks jealous at Eldon and Thalia. Kate asks everyone where they've been and they say watching Daniel get kicked out of Elite, then Daniel walks in looking upset. Giselle tries to hug him but Chloe stops her. Daniel then says he needs to talk to Giselle. Giselle asks him what it's about but Daniel says she'll have to find out. Reluctantly, Giselle walks away with Daniel. Chloe follows and listens to everything. Daniel tells Giselle that Elite wanted him to take down The Next Step and he refused and he wanted to know if they could still be friends. Chloe steps away from the door and tells everyone what Daniel said. Giselle walks in and everyone acts like they know something except Amanda who asks Giselle what happened. Giselle tells everyone what Daniel said and they're all shocked but Giselle tells them that she said no.
Main Titles: The Violetta theme is the same just it says the character's name and The Next Step are in the Violetta one, with their own little scene too.
Stephanie comes in.


*"Rewind" plays whilst Eldon and Thalia dance, Kate walks in*
Kate: Hey guys, have you seen the others?


Violetta Cast

The Next Step Cast

Main Cast

  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle
  • Trevor Tordjman as James
  • Brittany Raymond as Riley
  • Logan Fabbro as Amanda Tavelli
  • Jordan Clark as Giselle
  • Jenifer Pappas as Chloe
  • Isaac Lupien as Eldon
  • ? as Thalia
  • Lamar Johnson as West
  • ? as Shantel
  • Brenan Clost as Daniel

Recurring Cast

  • Bree ? as Kate
  • ? as Tess


  • Marco is revealed to have little sister
    • Amanda's last name is now revealed too

Note: If there is a question mark on the actor's name, I don't know the name.

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