“A Return, A song”
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Guide

An Act Of Love, A Song


A Cousin, A Song

A Return, A Song is the Third Episode of Sesaon 1 of Violetta


Angie returns from France and has brought along her fiance from that country, Leonardo. German and Pablo get jealous, so they make a plan to get rid of Leonardo and make the two break up. While Jade was taking a walk, she heard German and Pablo's plan so she took a video of it with her phone and showed it to Angie, but Angie thought it was a prank. The other day, Jade met Leonardo and he developed a crush on Jade. Angie finds out and is heart broken. She acts that she is cool with it but she secretly runs off to her room and cries. Violetta sees her and makes her cheer up.

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